Monday, October 18, 2021

Read and get paid on OminiViews-Latest Paying Blog

As expected, we always try to update our readers on new paying platforms related to education.

It’s enticing to know that you can read and still get paid, than reading for knowledge alone.

OminiViews got you covered as they pay you as you finish tasks  in their platform.

The Website of the platform is

About Ominiviews

Ominiviews is a News and entertainment site that brings latest News and gist to their readers.

After thinking of how to carry their readers along, the team brought an earning platform ominiviewsearning for their readers, so thoughtful of them.

Where their readers can do easy task an earn along with reading.

The Platform came out with an amazing project that involves their own cryptocurrency called OMV TOKEN. They started their airdrop yesterday and they will be sharing 500million tokens with 20,000 users as you can also get additional 10,000 tokens per person that you refer.

For the airdrop you need the following handles,

  • Facebook
  • Twitter(using VPN)
  • Telegram

Airdrop link below!

NOTE:Use Meeky As your Referral for your complete registration

ICO for the new Coin will be on October 15th, before then you can be involved in their free airdrop program. ICO link below!


You can earn by doing any of the following tasks.

  1. Staking your OMV coins.
  2. Social media task
  3. Free faucets from the platform
  4. Referrals

Also multiply your earnings, by playing the dice game, where u either go lo or go hi.

Note:Referrals is not compulsory on the platform but it will increase your personal earnings

You can drop questions on their handles below

  • Facebook:ominiviews
  • Telegram:ominviews
  • Twitter:ominiviews

Read and keep earning OMV!!


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