Monday, November 29, 2021

BSC, HND dichotomy to End as REPS approve bill

The House of Representatives has approved a bill that will eliminate the long contradiction between BSC and Higher National Diploma in employment, edugistblog learnt.

The House together with a committee of the whole, evaluated the report and approved the recommendation, anticipating third reading and final passage.

Bill to be paid if found wanting

Anybody or institution in the country that goes against the provisions of the new law will pay a fine of N1 million.

For a very long time, the dichotomy between first degree and HND has been trending on the national discourse for a long time especially on employment basis.

Advantages of the new Bill

The bill is said to put an end to

“all forms of discriminations and or dichotomy between first degree and Higher National Diploma for the purpose of employment, transfer of service, the conversation of cadre, career progression, promotion and in other related issues in the public and private sectors of the Nigerian economy.”

It adds:

“No person, authority, entity (body or corporate) on whatsoever name called shall discriminate and or undertake any action in any form whatsoever which is construed as and or intended to give any preferential treatment in favour of and or against holders of the first degree or the Higher National Diploma.”

In the issue of a contravening the provisions of the bill, the person or company shall be liable to a fine of N1 million or a fine of two years.

“Holders of the first degree and the Higher National Diploma shall be given equal treatment and opportunity in career placements, career progression, admission to further studies and privileges whatever in consideration of status as graduates of Nigeria tertiary institutions of higher learning,” the bill adds.

Meanwhile, the House is expected to read the bill the third time at a later date to pave the way for harmonisation between the Senate version which was passed earlier.

We would keep you up to date on issues regarding the third reading!!

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