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Red Thread Scholarship 2022

The Red thread scholarship program is a one-year award scholarship provided to women desiring to continue their studies at any American University but who are not financially stable.

Although it’s just for one year, It goes a long way to pay your tuition fee, living expenses, and book. At least, you’ll be rest assured about that part of your college fee being paid, right?


How can you apply for the Red thread scholarship? When is the closing date? What is the procedure like?

Those questions and others would be answered as simply as possible. All you need to do is go through this article well.

I’m counting on you, okay?

Let’s begin!


What’s The Red Thread Scholarship About?

The awardees of the Red Thread Scholarship consist of:

  1. Immigrants.
  2. First-generation Students.
  3. International students.

Via this scholarship, women who are not able to sponsor themselves for their college studies due to financial crisis, health issues, etc are given educational and professional assistance from board members—One can request mentorship support from any of the board members.

Awardees who request mentorship are provided with guidance that helps them to be focused on their goals— be it personal or professional. And how better to accomplish their objectives, if not through this mentorship where they (awardees) will learn from the board member’s experiences, distinct skills, and knowledge.

Furthermore, the awardees can leverage their mentor’s widespread network, thereby honing their leadership skills to better lead members of their community to pursue their dreams and aspirations relentlessly. The awardees are expected to create a social media post every semester— on various social media platforms and the Red Thread Scholarship website— to provide and share information and also experience with other youthful college women in other parts of the world.

How Do I Apply For The Red Thread Scholarship?

As of the time of writing this article, the application for the Red Thread Scholarship is closed. Nonetheless, I’ll guide you on how the application process works! Without further Ado, let’s get started on it.

But first, I’d like to inform you that the application process isn’t a long one— it will only take you a couple of minutes to get through with it.

So, what’s the application process like? What does it entail?


It comprises the following:

  1. Two(2) essays.
  2. Various short answer questions— you’re expected to only give clear and straightforward answers but yet detailed.
  3. A recommendation letter.
  4. You have to submit the application form online before the application deadline to be assessed.

The second phase of the application process is the Interview.

For the Interview— with a duration of 30 minutes— a small list of applicants would be chosen and interviewed via phone.

Red Thread Scholarship Requirements?

The requirements needed to apply for the Red Thread Scholarship include:

  1. A Google account to sign in.
  2. Women of International background.
  3. First-generation Americans.
  4. Immigrants.
  5. Freshman at any U.S college or program.
  6. Foreign students.

Note that students studying graduate programs are not permitted to apply.

One thing peculiar about the Red Thread Scholarship is that an applicant’s U.S Residency or GPA is not a requirement necessary for a successful application.


Red Thread Scholarship Amount.

The Red Thread Scholarship amount is $1000. It is awarded to selected applicants— which will cover your tuition, living expenses, and books. When available, other awards will be disbursed.

Considering the award amount will help you in several ways like:

1.   Focus more on your education.

Because of the scholarship you’ve gotten, you will have the time to read and study your books all you want and all the time you would need.

2.   Reduce your financial burden.

Unlike when you were still struggling to fund your studies, getting a scholarship would save you from the perils of doing a part-time job just so you can save up for your studies— you would agree with me that this lessens your financial burdens. Am I right?

Red Thread Scholarship Deadline?

The Red Thread Scholarship deadline is over, being the 26th of February 2022. The application opened on 8th January 2022— followed by the phone interview done in April 2022. The application process ended in May 2022 with an award announcement for the awardee who won the one-year scholarship.

The next application for 2023/2024  would be opened in January 2023.


Owing to your search for information about the Red Thread Scholarship, you may likely get information on the web but it may not be as accurate as the one on the Red Thread Scholarship Website ( YouTube doesn’t have much information about this scholarship— one that’s able to help you figure out the information you’re searching for!

But, I’m sure you learned a lot from this article and got the answers to the questions that brought you to this page. Don’t forget to share how it helped you in the comment section, okay?


Is Grade Point Average(GPA) a requirement for the Red Thread Scholarship?

No, it’s not. Although, one of your recommendation letters is required to be from someone—an academic reference that can verify and speak about your educational endeavors, success, and potential.

Can I join the foundation as a mentor or board member?

Yes, you can. Kindly contact them as they’re currently enlisting new members.

How is the scholarship funded?

It is funded through contributions from donations and board members.

Can I still apply even though I’ve already commenced my studies at a U.S university/college?

No! It’s currently available only to freshmen studying a program (as long as it’s not a graduate program) in any U.S college.

Do I need to be a U.S. resident to apply for the Red Thread Scholarship?

No, you don’t have to. But, you can apply whether you’re a non-resident of the U.S or a resident. Still, you would receive the scholarship award when you get to the U.S.

Will my information be kept private?

Yes. Even though scholars’ names, achievements, and photos will be featured by the Red Thread Scholarship, your personal information would be kept private unless you permit it. Check Red Thread Scholarship’s privacy policy to learn more.


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