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LSAT Khan Academy

Students looking to study law abroad would have different challenges, ranging from requirements to meet the score required to passing the LSAT.

Are you preparing for LSAT exams and you are finding it difficult in preparing for the exams? Then Khan Academy got you covered, with their adequate research and proper prepared tutorials and exams properly tailored to equip you for the Lsat exams.


What is LSAT?

LSAT is an acronym for Law School Admission Test, this is a systematic test conducted by Law School Admission Council prospective law aspirants.

The exams are well designed to test your reading comprehension and also your verbal reasoning knowledge.

The exam duration is thirty-five minutes for each of the four sections for a total of two hours and twenty minutes. With the total number of exam candidates to be over a thousand people annually.

What is Lsat Khan Academy?

It is a program in collaboration with the owners of Lsat. It is designed to identify the weaknesses and strengths of each individual taking the exams, with their flexible programs that can be customised to your unique schedule and time.


Instant assistance and response

They also help you with their interactive lessons with easily understandable tutors with good communicative skills, time exercises, tips, videos and many more packages.

How does Khan Academy assist in passing the Lsat exam


Diagnostic test

When studying for the Lsat exam is primarily necessary for you to take a diagnostic test.

The test is aimed at giving you the feeling of the real exams and test your capability, and therefore help you to understand your flaws and help you improve on your mistake on the previous test and leading to your desired score.

Khan Academy makes all this possible through its various online and offline platforms which it aimed at preparing you for the real deal.

How khan run the diagnostic test

  • Well chosen practice test.
  • Simulated preparation for test conditions mimicking real test environments.
  • Examining the practice test.
  • Analyse mistakes and review solutions
  • Well timed practise.
  • Having a strategic time for study.

Creating a good personalized practice plan

After you have written the diagnostic test based on your performance, and evaluation a well prepared plan would be developed to direct your desired goal with the following recommendation from Khan Academy;

Adapt your lifestyle and work to fit into your LSAT preparation

In order to successfully study for the LSAT exam you need to make certain adjustments in your daily schedule, and Khan academy would help to make your exams your primary ambition.


LSAT Khan academy would help you during the months you devote to it to make some adjustments. Reducing your some your school activities, job, luxury and hobbies time.

Sacrificing some of the time spent on some of these items and focusing on the exams would then to yield positive results towards the LSAT preparation potency.

Well detailed plan and schedule in advance

In order to achieve optimal results in your LSAT prep, you need to devote at least twenty hours per week, which is a huge dedication. So proper future planning can not be over emphasised.

LSAT Khan Academy has well structured plan with competent course tutors or teachers tasked with providing organised benefits like assignments or homework and test or exams.

Minimum of an hour a day for vocabulary development and review

Having a good vocabulary automatically gives you a strong edge going into the Lsat test, because it is based mainly on your vocabulary skill.

The LSAT exams are mainly designed to get your ability to read with precision. One of these major requirements is a high level of verbal communication and elegant vocabulary.


So clearly you should be well versed in the knowledge of spoken and written sophisticated terminology. If asked in an exam scenario then you would be able to reason effectively.

LSAT Khan academy would give you an advantage because you would be well informed on the keywords that are sought out for by examiners. So consistent learning of vocabulary can go a long way in your LSAT prep.

Testimonies from LSAT Khan Academy test takers

I took the September LSAT just the other day and I believe that using the study tools from Khan Academy helped me greatly for preparing. I believe the new approaches for studying that were provided to me complimented practice tests very well and helped me better prepare than I did for my first test.
Christian Reese Upperclassman at Elon University, NC
Even when I got an answer wrong I understood why. I am getting faster at understanding what the question is asking. I feel so motivated and plan on practicing this section again. It just feels great to fail at something so many times and finally the light goes on.
Balean Reid
Upperclassman at Georgia State


LSAT Khan Academy has a well standardized plan for your every need in order for you to achieve your desired score in the LSAT.

But individual effort is also a key ingredient to you success so you can also read on the three ways to build your mental stamina for the LSAT.


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