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Kaplan TOEFL preparation

TOEFL is a required exam for a foreign students going to an English speaking country, to test their all round knowledge of  English language.

TOEFL, like most English tests is not just an English test but also a test of academic English.


And like most International exams, it is sometimes difficult to know how to prepare for the examination.

That is why Kaplan TOEFL has compiled a comprehensive solution to tackle every need.

It is also important for you to plan for the test six months before the exam because it can be a difficult exam if not well studied or prepared for.

What is Kaplan TOEFL Preparation?

Kaplan TOEFL preparation consists of four categories namely:

  • TOEFL Listening
  • TOEFL Speaking
  • TOEFL Reading
  • TOEFL Writing

Kaplan TOEFL Listening

In the TOEFL Listening section, you are to listen to at least four short academic lectures and two to three conversations with students on campus. After which you would be told to answer some comprehension questions.

The most commonly used topics are biology, literature, environmental science and history but you can get topics in lectures from anything course in first year of university student might study.

It is important to note that all conversations and lectures are mainly about three minutes long.

Kaplan TOEFL Speaking

Preparing for the speaking section may seem a little difficult because not everyone has good tutors that can teach them quality dialogue with English at a high category.

So a lot needs to be done in this section, most times TOEFL speaking question is “integrated” questions. This means that the question is not just meant for just your speaking ability alone but also for your speaking, reading and listening too. Therefore Kaplan TOEFL preparation is majorly interested in developing you in this category.

Kaplan TOEFL speaking preparation is also targeted at not just your speech delivery but also your accent, pronunciation, your intonation, and the number of pauses in your speech.

Kaplan TOEFL Reading

The reading section of the Kaplan TOEFL preparation consist of three or four articles which contain about seven hundred words each, and answer comprehension questions to test your knowledge of them.


The articles are based on what things related to your first year university courses. However, it is very important for you to study generally for all the general academic courses, so Kaplan TOEFL preparations include special knowledge of courses mainly required for the test.

It is also for you to create a hobby of reading articles, and magazines. It is important to note that while reading you should also write short summaries per paragraph, mainly one or two sentences.

This is aimed to help you prepare for the properly for the reading section as the test is focused at single paragraphs, rather than the whole article. As you reading you take note of words you don’t understand, or appear unfamiliar to you from each paragraph, and take timer to find out its meaning.

Kaplan TOEFL Writing

This is the last part of the test, in this section, you would spend at least fifty minutes writing two essays.

The first essay is an integrated essay which tests your reading, listening, and writing skills. This would be made easier for you with your background knowledge of the early listed reading resources listed above from Kaplan. Which would help you get ready for this section of the test.

The second section of the essay, the autonomous part of the essay, is based only on your writing skills.


In this essay, you would be in be given various topics related to work, school or everyday life using personal examples and illustrations.

A very good way to prepare for this test is to write daily short journals about incidents that happened at home, school or at your workplace. You probably be asked to describe a particular event that happened or support an argument. So it would be important to so in your journals as this would not only help you progress but build your confidence and familiarity with writing.

Kaplan TOEFL preparation plan is also emphasised studying grammar. As part of your writing is scored based on your grammar by TOEFL E-rater software and its main focus, is on grammar errors.

Even though studying grammar can be tedious, it pays off when the time is required.

Reasons why you should choose Kaplan TOEFL preparation

  • Improve your TOEFL score by at least 5 points within 8 weeks.
  • An internationally recognized TOEFL IBT.
  • Prepare for university in the USA or Canada.
  • Benefit from expert instruction, exclusive course materials, and a curriculum developed by Kaplan, the world leader in TOEFL IBT preparation.
  • Enhance your CV and chance for professional success in the future.
  • Receive an accredited Kaplan International Languages Certificate of Achievement with language level and attendance.
  • Online classes with adjustable schedules


With Kaplan TOEFL Preparation you should be seventy per cent cover but, the rest is up to individual effort learning of a new language takes hours and hours of practice so do well to keep practising.

Keep in mind that as test day gets closer you should shift to TOEFL-specific preparation. That means taking some of the practice tests provided by ETS and using tools like EdAgree’s English Speaking Practice platform which is powered by the same technology used to score your TOEFL speaking responses.

Good luck with your test!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Kaplan TOEFL preparation


How do I join the Kaplan TOEFL Preparation online classes?

Join the Kaplan online classes is easy you just need to register and enrol for the online classes Kaplan TOEFL online classes .

Is TOEFL difficult?

Yes, it is difficult like any other international exam but, more difficult if you are learning the English language for the first time.

Which is why you are advice to enroll for Kaplan TOEFL Preparation classes at least six months before the exams.

How long do I need to study for the TOEFL test?

You need to study for at least ten to fifteen hours a week for advanced learners, and twenty to twenty five hours as week for advanced learners.

When should I start the lessons for the TOEFL test?

You are advised to start the lessons six months before the exams. As this would give you enough time to go through the above lessons.


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