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Best LSAT online prep courses

If you are in the process of getting into law school, you have to get it at the back of your mind that you must get to a minimum of 170 to stand a chance or at a bare minimum of 150 to qualify for a decent law school.

It is also good to know that getting a good score is easier said than done, it would require hard work and a good prep course.


The important thing to note is that the most time spent preparing for the exam is what would give you the best result.

Research shows that you need at least 100 hours of study for four months, but it is best you do better than that because the more you prepare the better the result.

It is good to keep in mind that the LSAT result would make a decent impression at your law school, especially if you are planning on going to a top law school.

So the importance of a good LSAT prep course cannot be overemphasized.


Therefore, I have compiled a list of the best LSAT prep courses for you to use as a guide while equipping yourself for the test.

6 Best LSAT online prep courses

The following is a compiled list of the best online courses today based on edugistblog reviews:

1. Blueprint LSAT prep course

The blueprint online class is an adaptive, well-structured, learning practice exam that helps you proficient in every area of the LSAT exam.

Blueprint prepares you uniquely by knowing your schedule and your knowledge, and strives to accommodate every student’s needs.

The main method of learning is through online videos and exams. The lectures are aimed at covering major LSAT topics in a manner that is easy to understand and well engaging.

In operation, you are given a test after watching any of the classes for them to access how much you have learnt, which strengthens your knowledge, therefore making sure you have understood it.

Prices differ based on how long your class would last in the class, for three months the price is $799, for six months the price is $1,99 and $1599 for one year.


Features of Blueprint online prep class

  • Personalised study plan
  • Over 1000+ pass questions
  • Visually interacting lecturers
  • Refined course analytics
  • 68 interactive learning modules
  • Custom LSAT practise exams

Advantages of Blueprint online prep class

  1. Qualified teachers
  2. Customisable study plan
  3. Fascinating content for everyone
  4. Realistic exam practice to prepare you for the real deal.

2. LSAT Max prep course

If you are looking for a platform, to get the highest possible result in your test, with a limited amount of stress you should check out the LSAT Max prep course.

It has the best combination of both instructions and study materials in the most convenient way possible.

Also, you are giving study materials that tend to work closely related to the exams including four textbooks with ninety prep test pass questions.

You also would practise with exam-like questions to build your confidence, and you can also follow tutors over working hours on the special message board.

Features of LSAT Max prep course

  • LSAT exam simulation
  • Four full textbooks
  • 99th percentile instructors
  • Ninety prep tests based on previous LSAT exams
  • Special message board and working hours

Advantages of LSAT Max prep courses

  1. Easy online access
  2. Cheap price
  3. Analytical feedback
  4. High guarantee of a high score

3. The Princeton LSAT Prep course

The Princeton LSAT Prep course comprises of special course package aimed at getting you to score at least 170 on the test, which is good enough to get you into any desired law school of your choice.

It offered extra assistance for students outside the online class, if your looking for private tutoring, there have also got you covered.


Feature of Princeton LSAT prep courses

  • 1,800+ pages of the study text
  • 84 instruction hours
  • 70+ LSAT Practise exam
  • 8000+pass questions
  • Guaranteed success

Advantages of Princeton LSAT prep course

  • Private instructors
  • Quality study materials

4. Kaplan LSAT Prep course

Kaplan is well known for its publishing of books, study guides and several college entrance exams.

Also in Kaplan, you can customise your schedule and online classes just like a blueprint, except for the increase in price for the services.

The most outstanding aspect of the Kaplan LSAT Prep course is the four weeks of intensive boot camp. To fully prepare you for high scores in the LSAT exam to get you into any law school of your choice.

Feature of Kaplan LSAT prep course

  • Customisable online classes, and boot camp courses
  • 70+ LSAT Practise test and over 300 quizzes
  • Over 100+ hours of online classes
  • 2000 lesson videos

Advantages of Kaplan LSAT Prep course

  1. Personalised study
  2. Boot Camp
  3. High score guaranteed

For more information on Kaplan check out this article

5. Alpha score LSAT Prep course

One of the reasons why the alpha score is so relevant is because of the easy access for all devices, with easy access apps for mobile, tablet and computers.

Well equipped with lots of pass questions for your every need, lots of tutors, and exams practice courses.

They deal mainly with the logical aspect of the exams and have a lot of comprehension materials.

It is helpful to have most of these materials available to you from your smartphone as pdf and other materials to make your prep easier for you.

Features of Alpha scores LSAT Prep course

  • 100+ video lesson
  • 200+ practise exam
  • 1000+ past questions
  • Official LSAT login games
  • Reading comprehension topics
  • Guaranteed success

Advantages of Alpha scores LSAT Prep course

  1. Compact engaging courses
  2. The personalised gel from instructors
  3. Video playback
  4. Affordable prices

6. Mangoosh LSAT Prep courses

If you are looking for a cheap price and high-quality service then mangoosh should be your destination.

Its one-year plan prices at $299, with top-notch online services and exclusive video and enlightening lectures. It has one of the best LSAT online prep courses if you are looking to succeed on a low budget.

Advantages of Mangoosh LSAT Prep course

  1. It is at an affordable price
  2. It has a great test-taking strategy
  3. It is simplified for every user
  4. Guaranteed high score


When preparing for the LSAT exam, you should prioritise as much time as possible for the online prep course as you would also in your spare time, no time is too much for studying.

All the best of luck with your exams!


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