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Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industry

There are several career paths a person can choose from when looking for the best paying jobs. So in this article, we will enlighten you on Basic Industry as a career choice.

We will provide you with information on top-rated basic Industries, best-paying jobs in basic Industries, perks in establishing your very own basic Industry as well as what it takes to start your very own basic Industry. So sit tight and read on.


What is a basic industry

Raw materials are so important in the world today. Every finished product is a product of raw materials.

A basic industry is an industry that supplies raw materials to other platforms.

Basic industries are not limited to raw materials supplies, they also carry out discovery development, manufacturing, and processing of the raw materials.

These materials may include and are not limited to; wood, gas, paper, coal, cocoa, cotton, chemical, milling, iron, steel, and fertilizers. After the supply, the materials are then developed into several goods by other platforms.


How Many Jobs Are Accessible In Basic Industries

According to data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are approximately 24,504,000 job openings in basic industries across the United States.

2030 has been envisioned as a massive year for the basic industry, as it is anticipated that the current job number will grow by 2.7%.

So you are left with more than enough career choices to choose from or if you’re considering changing your career to another.

Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industry

The best paying jobs in basic industry cuts across several sectors like agriculture, mining, pulp and paper, chemical, oil and gas, steel, and so on. Here is a list of the five best-paying jobs in basic industry;


Geoscientists are people who analyze the configuration, pattern, and other physical characteristics of the earth.

Geoscience is vague as it may comprise geology, physics, and mathematics skills while researching products like oil, gas, minerals, or water.

Geoscientists usually develop research projects to obtain knowledge. In doing this, they conduct research, evaluate research or operational data, analyze geological or geographical data, and explore geological facets of processes.


This prominent field of Career paves way for annual earnings of about $92,000 so if you appreciate geography, math, and chemistry, this can be an excellent job choice.

Material Scientist

A material scientist studies and analyses the chemical properties and structures of both man-made and naturally occurring materials.

The materials being studied and analyzed are glass, rubber, ceramic, alloys, polymers, and steel.

From research, material scientists earn about $83,000.

You might be wondering where to find a material scientist job, say no more.

Materials scientists can find employment opportunities in an office or laboratory within biotechnological companies, government organizations, oil and gas companies, or universities.


Utility engineers

Utility engineers are engineers that primarily work for public utility firms that serve their local communities by procuring important services such as water, electricity, gas, and sewers. This field of work earns you an annual pay of $77,000.

Most utility engineers are seen with their bachelor’s degree in either mechanical or civil engineering, the same as other careers listed here.


Agronomists are professionals who work with farmers and those who grow and harvest large-scale crops.

This job is capable of putting you in an average annual salary of $72,000.

Working as an Agronomist, you will utilize the knowledge about crops in combination with your management skills to execute projects.


A metallurgist is a professional that works with different types of metals.

He/she will sometimes work with miners and frequently visit mining sites.

To be a metallurgist, you need to get a  good working knowledge of metals, chemistry, and the safety skills required for the profession.

From reports, the annual average salary for a Metallurgist is $81,907

Food Scientist

Every career path is lucrative and should not be joked with.

Food scientists are people who examine the way foods are prepared and the degradation of food using chemistry, microbiology, engineering, and other sciences.

This means that they analyze the proportions of food content, uncover new food sources, identify better ways to preserve food, and carry out other research.

From research, Food Scientists make an average annual salary of $77,000.

Advantages Of Choosing a Career In Basic Industry

Apart from the good salary, there are as well more good benefits.

Having the opportunity to work in an economy that is vastly growing is a turn-on.

Also, finding yourself in a company that aids other companies by supplying them with raw materials needed for their growth, is an interesting drive for working in a basic industry.

If you see yourself in basic industry, you need to give yourself some credit. You deserve it.

Requirements/Qualifications for A Career in Basic Industry

Getting information about a job opportunity is good but understanding the requirements for that particular job is very important.

If you are looking for a Basic industry job, you must have the appropriate knowledge and skills acquired, ranging from formal or informal schooling and training.

The labour market is very competitive and the ability to accept and carry out the challenges from the global industries is the competitive edge of the workforce to succeed and be part of a dynamic organisation.

People must be trained and prepared to answer the requirements of the industries. There are many jobs available to be filled in but there are only a few qualified applicants. The individual must have grass root knowledge on the choice of career and should be able to think outside the box and pick up skills and experience to become an asset to the organization.



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