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Is Consumer Service A good Career Path?

In a world that is dynamic and fast-growing, several business ideas are now being realized and nurtured to become big-time money-making careers. And now we see how even the concept of consumer service is turned into a full-time independent business franchise. In this article I’ve compiled a list of answers to questions one might as about consumer service like what is consumer service, is consumer service a good career path, examples of consumer service, differences between consumer services and consumer goods, and a few more.

What is Consumer Service

Consumer service is simply an intangible product that is offered to consumers or households, not to businesses. It can be that service rendered to a customer when a product is bought and assistance is needed to better understand the product or get it working. Consumer service can be a direct interaction between a consumer purchasing a product from a company and a representative of the company selling the product. Therefore consumer service is the assistance given to a consumer.


Examples Of Consumer Service

Consumer services are all around us and they vary according to the needs of the consumers, and the products offered to the consumers. Consumer services offer a variety of intangible values that don’t have a physical structure like process, experience, or results. Here are 9 common and basic consumer services.


A restaurant is where someone (consumers) goes to purchase food for consumption. In as much as restaurants offer food for consumers, there is also this intangible value beyond the food restaurants offer like attentive customer service, attractive decor, and high esteem especially eating in a classy restaurant.


In the transport sector, the quality of service has evolved to not just taking you to your destination but doing so in style and comfort. For example hiring a limousine, the now popular Uber Taxi and flight which offer a consumer a sense of class and comfort.

Home Improvement

Rendering service in home maintenance, repair, remodeling, cleaning, and so on. These services are intangible and are of value. Home improvement also has to do with customizing a basic building design or renovating an old one or offering expert opinions on how to remodel kitchens and rooms and on home improvement in general.



As the name implies, a barbershop is owned by a barber who renders the service of cutting, styling, or shaving hairs. This is an example of a service that simultaneously offers both product and service. Another intangible value a barbershop offer is There are certain key intangible values of getting your hair done it relieves anxiety, it releases serotonin and endorphins, it improves circulation and also there’s the look and feel a need haircut gives.

Walk-in Service Departments

Normally people understand consumer service to be a department of an established business. And this department is often a lot accompanied by a long queue of people with different complaints. Thankfully the world is changing and there are modern ways to address consumer complaints. For instance, a lot of businesses sell online and if you are to take good care of consumers, you don’t have to worry about organizing a consumer service department within the four walls of your business. You can save a lot of time and money by investing in staffing a consumer service committee that can handle all consumers’ dilemmas virtually.

Phone and Email Support

Phone and email support may not be convenient as it does not do a great job in keeping up with fast times but phone and email support are not entirely out of trend, this type of consumer service works great for some businesses but doesn’t cut ice for other business. However, this means still keeps up with consumer interaction and addressing needs.

Fire Service

This customer service provides an intangible value of protecting life and property in the event of a fire in the area saving and protecting people in the event of a road traffic collision and saving and protecting people in the event of other emergencies.

Therapy Sessions

This consumer service is also called a psychotherapist session or counseling session. It is the process of meeting with a therapist to fix problematic behaviors, opinions, impressions, relationship issues, and somatic responses. A therapy session helps give an insight into the decisions we make, and the reasons why we make them. So it’s a good and very important consumer service.

Food Delivery

Food delivery is a consumer service somewhat similar to Courier service in which restaurants, stores, or independent food delivery company delivers food to a customer, which is delivered by the restaurant staff or by delivery agents of a food ordering company. So in order words, this consumer service is tasked with providing satisfaction to the consumer by delivering their food ordered via a website platform or phone call.

Is consumer Service a Good Career Path?

People often a lot ask the question; is consumer service a good career path. Consumer service can be done on a small, medium and large scale depending on the individual, firm, or company. We see companies like Amazon, Ali Express, the McDonald franchise, Walmart, Databricks, the Scandit cooperation, and so on are consumer service industries and companies that provide services. So if your job cuts across business, social or public service, your consumer service has to be top-notch to attract customers and provide yourself with a good name and reputation.


Differences Between Consumer Goods and Consumer Services


Goods are material items a consumer is ready to purchase for a price. Goods are those tangible items that’s can be seen, felt, and touched. Ownership of goods can also be transferred from one person to another. Goods are identical and can be stored for future or multiple uses. The production, sales, and consumption of goods have a time lag.


Services are amenities, benefits, facilities, or assistance provided by other people or businesses. Services are not tangible nor can they be transferred. Services can come in diverse and complicated forms and once they are rendered they can’t be returned, services cannot be stored and the production and consumption process is simultaneous.




Consumer service has an array of options that provides you with ways of earning money. It’s a good career path to embark on. So whether you own a business where you sell goods, there’s another opportunity for incorporating consumer services as well.




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