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How many jobs are available in consumer service

Jobs in consumer service are vast and they change constantly.

In the US alone, the number of jobs in this sector is estimated to be about 3 million as of 2021. This estimated figure would most likely not change in the coming years.


What this means for those aspiring to be in this area, is that numerous employment opportunities are available for you in the consumer service now and in time to come.

How to get started in the consumer service

There are several ways to approach your career path in consumer service, these services are divided into two namely; marketing or sales and customer service roles.

Consumer service offers numerous jobs to people regardless of their academic or background knowledge.

The proper way to start in consumer service is as an apprentice or apply for entry-level positions in the company of your interest. By doing this you would get all the valuable knowledge needed to start your career in the consumer service sector. You may also choose to pursue a degree in sales, marketing or other related fields.


Apart from gaining experience, it is also important that you gain a powerful network of contacts in the industry. Developing your relationship with these contacts would give you a stepping stone to greatness in the consumer service industry.

If your looking to start an independent career in the consumer service industry here are some key points

1. Get a good business strategy

For you to be successful as an entrepreneur you need to know some key areas in the industry. So, here are some points you need to take note of

  • Cost of opening a business
  • Calculate the continuous expenses in the business
  • Who are the targets of the market
  • Find out how much money is made in the business
  • How much you would charge your customers
  • Calculate how much profit is made
  • Think of more methods to make more profit
  • Name of the business

2. Create a legal business

Establishing a legal business makes your business safe from lawsuits, such as LLC or cooperation.

3. Register for taxes

Taxes are paid differently depending on the type of business registered for tax.

4. Open a business bank account

A business bank account or credit card is essential for protecting business assets.

  • Open a business net 30 account
  • Get a business credit account

5. Set up business accounting

It is always important for you to keep accurate data on your business expenditure, so you can have an idea of your performance as a whole.


6. Get your necessary permit and license

Starting a business without a proper license can lead to huge fines, and can cause the business to be shut down. How to get a permit;

  • Get a federal business license
  • Get the latest business requirement
  • Apply for certificates of occupancy

7. Get insurance for your business

Insurance is important in a business to prevent loss case of loss.

8. Define your brand

You need to build a good outward appearance and make yourself stand out from other competitors.

Consumer service marketing

When talking about consumer services uses a different method of approach than customer goods. Several methods are used in marketing your brand. The following are some ways to market your consumer service.

Product satisfaction

The satisfaction of a product is very important when marketing to a consumer because it would not be easy to get the most unique. So your products must provide satisfaction for your consumers.

Location of the business

The location of the company plays a key role in your marketing as your services cannot be retailed it distributed, rather are consumed at the point of production. You must locate a crowded area where you can locate more customers.


Advertisement and promotion

Advertisement is the process of informing the public about a product or service.

Another, means of advertisement is the creation of mobile apps, to make it easier for customers to access the services.

Recruiting the right personnel

You must employ the right people in your business for you to progress, that know how to interact with the customer and develop good relationships with them.

It would be important for you to train your staff in the proper work ethics, as this also improve your customer’s loyalty.


The numerous aspects of services affect the consumer’s perception. For instance, customers don’t go to some restaurants just because of the menu alone, most times it is because of the appearance(chair and table arrangement, music and the scent). The importance of environmental hygiene cannot be overemphasised because consumers would rate you accordingly.

Advantages of a consumer service personnel

  • Stable income
  • Source of additional wages
  • Chance to help people in need
  • Consumer service gives skills that can be used in other fields of life.
  • Create customer satisfaction

Difference between industrial service and consumer service

The difference between consumer service and industrial services is the desired customers that are targeted.

Consumer services provide individuals with services like insurance, addressing, barbing and recreational services.

Industrial services are targeted at the need of organisations or companies with services like employee training and software services.

Where to find consumer services

When looking for consumer service you can search for a company online through job search engines. You can also contact agents that would direct you.

Finally, you should note that the job of being a consumer service personnel is not an easy one, because it would require patience and good communication with people in other for you to be successful.

A good internship with an established company or business would set you up in your career.

All the best of luck!


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