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Car accident lawyer Chicago

As an automobile owner, you can do your best to avoid accidents but it would be impossible for you to control reckless motorists on the road every day.

In the US alone there are thousands of road accidents recorded daily, what is important is what you do after an accident has occurred. The best route to recovery begins with you contacting a car accident lawyer, this is necessary because this ensures the protection of your right and the compensation for the damages.


What to do after a car crash

The following are steps that should be taken after a car crash:

Seek medical attention immediately

The first thing to do as a victim of an accident or someone who has witnessed one is to call for medical help. The victim should still visit a hospital even if there don’t have any sign of injury, this is necessary because some injuries involving the brain and whiplash, can take several days or weeks for symptoms to manifest.

After being diagnosed, you must stick to the treatment procedure recommended by the doctor and keep all medical bills and records.

Inform the police

When communicating with the police you should be mindful of every statement you make about the accident and avoid making conclusions based on assumptions or theories. You should avoid taking ownership or making any comments about who is responsible for the accident.


Get all the necessary contacts and information

It is also important that you get all the contacts and information of all the people present in the crash and witnesses.

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Gather and preserve all evidence needed

It is also important that people take accurate recordings of their crash events by making a video or audio recordings and photos of the crashes this is a powerful tool that is used to verify who is at fault and also to know the degree of the damage and injury. As part of the evidence, you should also keep in your possession the following medical report, police report, insurance policies and all receipts.

Inform your insurance companies of the event

You should promptly inform your insurance company of the incident, and note that the signing of all insurance documents and statements must be done after speaking to an automobile accident attorney.

Consult a Chicago car accident lawyer

A good attorney would inform you of your rights, investigate the accident, obtain all the evidence necessary, communicate with your insurance company, and atone for settlement of their clients.

The reason why you should choose a Chicago car accident lawyer

Recent studies have shown that victims of car accidents recover better from accidents when represented by an attorney.

The Chicago car accident lawyer provides you with several services some of those services include:

  • Proper investigation of your accident
  • Control of all insurance policies that involve your case
  • All documents are filed categorically
  • Proper negotiation with auto insurance companies
  • Present a convincing case in court
  • All medical bills are taken care of by your attorney by making sure you receive payment for all expenses.


Do I need to contact a car accident lawyer when I have an auto insurance

Auto insurance companies are known for constantly avoiding full payment and settlements for injuries no matter how critical it is.

Insurance companies are income-minded companies and seeking compensation without an attorney would result in the manipulation of your rights.

The reason for this is that you do not know how much you should be paid for an accident, how much to claim for damage under the law, his much your case is worth, and what to do if your claim is denied by an insurance company.

Do I need to hire an accident lawyer for a minor accident

The answer is yes, an accident lawyer would help you in a minor accident if the third party in the accident would like to blame you for the accident.

Also, the lawyer would review your claim and make sure all the damage is included, plus all intelligence gathering would be taken care of.

How much will be paid to the Chicago accident lawyer

The lawyer or attorney is laid by the court from a settlement that is awarded to you after the case is won. What this means is that if there do not win your case there do not get paid.


You are not responsible for the fees that would be allocated to your lawyer, it would be deducted from the cheque the insurance company writes to you.

The form of payment is called the contingency fee this is a contract you sign with your lawyer that would that states the percentage that would be paid to the attorney and the amount that would be recovered.

Can I still be laid even though the accident was partially my fault

Yes, you can still get paid even if you are partially at fault but the amount that would be allocated to you will depend on how much your negligence had to play in the accident.

You would get paid if you are less than 50 per cent at fault but the payment would vary per fault allocated to you. For instance, if you are involved in an accident and the damage is worth $1000 and you are 10 per cent at fault that means you get paid $900 as compensation.

One of the issues involved is comparative negligence, so the role of your lawyer is to ensure that no unnecessary blame is allocated to you and full payment of the deserved settlement.

Finally, it is necessary to act right away to protect your legal rights and increase your chances of obtaining a full recovery from the physical, mental and financial harm you have suffered, so get a Chicago car lawyer today.

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All the best of luck!


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