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How Many Jobs Are Available In Integrated Oil Companies [2022]

Integrated Oil Company is very vast and it plays a vital role in a Nation’s economy. It provides countless benefits to the economy such as creating thousands of job opportunities, generating billions of dollars in tax revenue, and supporting businesses in their supply/distribution chain.

The industry has helped create 2.1 million job opportunities, be it jobs in the company or jobs in its supply chain, and it’s projecting toward creating over 3 million jobs in the year 2025.


They also support businesses in their supply chains, by purchasing goods and services from other companies that are in direct business with the Industry. This produces jobs and supports economic growth and development throughout the economy. In this article, we’ll be looking into jobs available In  Integrated Oil Companies.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Integrated Oil Companies

There are thousands of Jobs in Integrated Oil Companies. Here are a few of the Jobs in the industry;

Pipeline Construction Manager

Pipeline construction managers are responsible for supervising the project staff including safety personnel, engineers, and other workers involved in the construction process of a pipeline system. They earn an average annual salary of $146,000 per year.

A Pipeline Construction Manager is required to have a degree in Civil/Mechanical Engineering with experience in LSTK projects, and onshore pipeline construction projects. They should be able to work with multi-ethnic/multi-cultural teams. They should possess good leadership skills, communication skills, networking skills as well as project management skills.


Production Manager

Production managers supervise the oil production procedure, as well as quality control, labor, scheduling labor, inventory management, and material flow. They earn an average annual salary of $68,000 per year.

They must have experience in managing teams of employees and supervising the work of others. They must possess a bachelor’s degree in business administration or other similar fields, they must possess excellent leadership skills, experience in production as well as an in-depth understanding of production management, safety regulations, and risk management.

Operation Manager

Operation Managers are tasked with the responsibility of managing the facility. They govern the day-to-day activities of the staff, including training, performance review, scheduling, hiring, and disciplinary actions.

They work hand in hand with other managers to guarantee the smooth operation of the facility. They earn an average annual salary of $67,000 per year. You must have a degree in accounting, business management, or business management as well as relevant experience in areas that propels one towards the responsibility of an Operation Manager.

Quality Control Supervisor

Quality Control Supervisor makes sure that the oil produced reaches industry standards and specifications before it can be distributed to customers. They carry out inspections that involve packaging, testing, storage, and shipping. They earn an average annual salary of $71,000 per year.

A Quality Control Supervisor to have sound knowledge of mathematics, statistical methods, and data analysis. They should possess outstanding communication skills, leadership skills, and the ability to pay attention to details.


Geoscientists study rocks and the formation of rocks over some time, they make use of geological maps and models to determine areas on the earth’s surface to drill for Oil and Gas deposits. They earn an average annual salary of $93,000 per year.


You need a bachelor’s degree in environmental science, engineering, or related fields to get into the career. Some entry-level positions require a bachelor’s degree, some positions require a master’s degree.

Inventory Management Specialist

The Inventory Management Specialist supervises the company’s inventory levels and makes sure there are enough supplies are ready to keep operations operating smoothly. They also oversee the cost of goods sold and discern whether extra materials need to be purchased. They earn an average annual salary of $43,000 per year.

An Inventory Management Specialist requires at least a high school diploma or a GED certificate, it also requires at least 3 years of experience in the field and also excellent time management and organizational skills. They should possess an outstanding knowledge of word processors, spreadsheets, and database software.

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineers design refineries, oil wells, power stations, and pipelines. The structures designed are meant for the extraction of oil and natural gas from the earth. They earn an average annual salary of $82,000 per year.

Petroleum Engineers are required to have a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, or chemical engineering. And they should have work experience in the related field.

Scheduling Coordinator

A Scheduling Coordinator is tasked with the responsibility of coordinating the activities of workers rendering services in the industry. They make sure that personnel is carrying out their respective duties diligently and ensure everything is running smoothly. They earn an average annual salary of #34,000 per year.


A Scheduling Coordinator is required to have advanced proficiency in scheduling software, experience in MS Word, Outlook Express, and Excel as well as experience in managing travel arrangements and bookings. They should have the ability to arrange meetings with Venues, keep good records and provide stakeholders with information on schedule changes. They also require appropriate training and certification in the related field.

Logistics Manager

The distribution manager governs the distribution of materials for company use, these include ordering supplies, managing inventory levels, and keeping sales records. They also work hand in hand with sales managers to confirm that product orders are placed properly and transported to customers. They earn an average annual salary of $67,000 per year.

They should have the ability to work with a team, be creative, and have logical reasoning. They should have good proficiency in data analysis and electronic data. They should be able to solve problems and think outside the box.

Labor Relations Specialist

They assist companies to supervise their workforce efficiently. They arrange contracts with unions and address employee plaits, such as complaints about fees, work hours, or conditions of employment. They earn an average annual salary of $86,000 per year.

They should be able to work in tough situations and think outside the box, they should have good problem-solving skills and work well with a team to produce results.

Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineers design and build products that are needed in the industry using chemicals. These products are used for refining, exploration, and so on. There also ensure that these products are safe, functional, and in good condition. They earn an average annual salary of $81,000 per year.

A Chemical Engineer is required to have a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering or other similar fields. A chemical Engineer should have a good practical experience in the field through internships and cooperative engineering programs.

Manufacturing Engineer

Manufacturing Engineers help design and build equipment and materials used in the company. They develop blueprints and construct machines and facilities and evaluate data to enhance efficiency. They earn an average salary of $81,000 per year.

Manufacturing Engineers are required to have a bachelor’s degree in system engineering, industrial engineering, manufacturing engineering, or mechanical engineering. Some companies may require a master’s degree in manufacturing engineering or a similar field.

Material Handler

Material Handlers help move materials around the company. They load trucks, unload cargoes, or sort commodities based on size or type. They earn an average salary of $37,000 per year.

A Material Handler should have good knowledge of inventory control, good organizing skills, as well as outstanding time management skills, they should be proficient in prioritizing and meeting multiple deadlines. They should be able to multi-task, analyze information, and so on.

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Integrated Oil Companies play a crucial role in the research, production, and development of oil and natural gas which are vital for the growth and development of a nation.

There are millions of job opportunities in Integrated Oil companies, so if you’re looking into a career in the industry or a change to another field in the industry, then you have multiple choices to consider. These jobs come with good pay and achievable job entry requirements.



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