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How to apply for Bambino Scholarship

About Bambino Scholarship

The Bambino Scholarship is accessible to an outstanding education student who is college-bound.

This scholarship aims to award a student who has struggled through his or her special challenges to finish high school and gain acceptance into a college or university of their choice.


The scholarship program is in memory of Cristin Ann Bambino, daughter of Robert Bambino the NYSIR’s Director of Risk Management.

Cristin was a special education student who regardless of obstacles and challenges strived and earned a bachelor’s degree and a Paralegal Certificate before her untimely death.

Requirements For Bambino Scholarship

The bambino scholarship is awarded to a student who has exhibited ingenuity and resourcefulness to overcome a challenging obstacle that comes their way in the course of their journey in life, with enormous appreciation given to designs that make use of generally accessible or repurposed.

How To Register for

Bambino Scholarship

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the registration process and submission are via email. So applicants are to fill out the form and have it emailed to the particular recipient.

  1. Applicants for this scholarship must write an essay, not more than 650 words that must answer the given questions:
    What are the student’s achievements ( athletics, clubs, academic achievements, and volunteer activities)?
  2. Give instances of how the student conquered his or her challenges.
  3.  In what way can the student serve as a role model to others with unique/special challenges?
  4. What is the student’s choice of study in college?

The application must be signed by the School Staff who oversees the district’s relationship with NYSIR or by the School Guidance Counselor before it is emailed to the recipient’s email address.

Also, you have to make sure that your name and high school name are on each page of your essay. Ensure that every necessary detail to be included is written and correct.

Prices And Benefits of The Bambino Scholarship

The prices to be won will be awarded on a regional basis with a single statewide award.

Seven regional winners will be given a $3,000 award, the one-second prize winner will be given a $4,000 award and one statewide winner will be given a $5,000 award.

The regional scholarships will be awarded locally and the $5,000 scholarship will be given during the annual meetings.


The Prestigious Bambino Scholarship program presents a great opportunity for qualified individuals, it presents cash rewards as well, which is very encouraging and beneficial to the awardees.

The application form for the Bambino Scholarship is available in specific schools and on the Bambino Scholarship Site. So those looking for diverse scholarships to apply for, Bambino Scholarship is a good one to consider.


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