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Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Electronics/Appliances [2022]

Consumer Electronics/Appliances

Consumer Electronics/Appliances

The love for electronics and appliances can be transformed into a money-making tool.


Are you in love with electronics?

Do you want to transform your love for electronics into profit making?

Do you feel like having one of the best paying jobs in consumer electronics/appliances industry?

If your answer is yes, then this article is fortunately yours!


In this article, we teach about the best paying jobs in consumer electronics and appliances, and answer some frequently Asked Questions on Consumer electronics/appliances industry.

There are many best paying jobs in consumer electronics/appliances industry, and this is making the industry hot and booming currently.

With so many people buying and upgrading their electronics, there’s always a room for technicians and sellers.

So whether you’re looking for a full-time or part-time job, this article is for you, read on!

The Scope of Consumer electronics/appliances industry

Consumer electronics/appliances industry seem to be promising from the view of salary and job comfort.

This career path favors both the full-time and the part-time workers.

As a career path with massive salary structure and job diversity, the industry is forever growing.


Based on job diversity, this career path will favor a technical savvy more than a non-technician.

This is because, there are lot’s of opportunities for technicians in this career path.

Also, if you are not a technician, there are still beautiful places you can fix your self and earn reasonable amount of money.

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Electronics/Appliances

If you continued to this point, then you are really interested in having one of the best career path in the consumer industry.

Fortunately, there are several best paying jobs in the Consumer electronics/appliances industry, and you are in luck as you read them.

For the comprehensive list of the best paying jobs in Consumer Electronics/appliances industry, we have ;


Radio and and TV repairs, Parts replacement, Equipment/appliance testing, Assembling products, etc.

Let’s discuss them comprehensively.

1. Computer technician

Computers will never run forever, as they are mostly prone to downtimes. This will make room for the demand of technicians.

The job of a computer technician is relatively simple, you repair, maintain, and upgrade computers.

As a computer Engineer, your salary structure is strongly dependent on your qualifications and experience.

From reports, you can expect a salary from $40,000 to $70,000 per year.

This career path is strongly experience based, and you will only survive if you are good in computers, mathematics and other engineering prospects.

Being good in computers means you have knowledge in operating computers and in handling some basic computer software.

You can also top your game by having a computer Certification like the CompTIA A+ , to help you have an edge above any competitor.

Basically, this career path values knowledge and growth. So, you have to be up to date, as technology keeps  advancing.

In United States, the average salary for a computer technician is $18.47 per hour, with an average yearly salary of $39,333 per year, according to reports.

My advice is that you build your skills to be relevant in your space.

2. Computer programmer

Computer programming is a good career path basking strong daily because of technological advancements.

As a computer programmer, you write codes, create software and websites for clients.

This puts you on a learning career path where you need excellent math skills along with familiarity in different software packages.

As a high demand skill in the tech industry, Computer programming is one of the most valued jobs in the tech industry, with massive job opportunities for skilled programmers in consumer electronics and appliances.

If you want to top your programming game, you need to build and update yourself always with new software programming skills.

The salary structure for Computer programmers is enticing. According to reports, the average salary for computer programmers is $95,640 per year, with an average price of $45.98 per hour.

Computer programmer salaries will vary depending on the industry and location of the job and the programmer’s qualifications, skills and seniority.

A computer programmers solves institutional problems by writing multiple codes.

According to cryptoforpidgin, A computer programmer can feature in every tech platform, even the metaverse.

They just need to be familiar with variety of programming languages- CEE SHARP, JAVA, PYTHON, etc.

My advice is that you familiarize yourself with 2 or more of the top programming languages to retain your value in the tech industry.

3. Laboratory technician

A more soft career is here, if you are wondering if there are no career option without technical skill, then you have one here.

If you are not the techy type, then a laboratory technician may be the right choice for you.

As a laboratory technician, you will conduct quality control tests on products before they are sold to the public.

You might also join a marketing team in promoting and selling company products.

As simple as this might look, the salary structure is mouth watery.

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According to reports, In United states, the average Laboratory Technician salary is $62,562 , with a relative range between $54,763 and $73,801.

Most times, you need a requirement before getting a laboratory technician job- A diploma or an equivalent qualification.

However, you are advised to be familiar with laboratory procedures, practically and theoretically.

This will mainly favor a person with scientific background, but it is not a prerequisite.

4. Appliance technician

Just as we have the technician for computers, we also have the technician for equipment and appliances.

Every appliance has it’s own mode of operation, and users are not always qualified to repair or install them.

That’s where the work of an appliance technician comes into play.

As an appliance technician, you install, repair, and troubleshoot appliances/equipment.

This is a very helpful career as there is always something new to learn.

There is no end to learning in this field, so an informed appliance technicians needs constants technical updates.

Having a nice salary structure, according to reports, In United states, the average salary of this career path  is $53,895 per year, with an average salary of $27.64 per hour.

From the entry level position, workers earn about $39,997 per year, while professional workers takes the peak salary price of $78,000 per year.

Appliance technicians will also carry out predictive, corrective, and routine maintenance, to keep company’s appliances running smoothly.

5. Communication technician

Still haven’t seen your catch? a Communication technician might be the right career path for you.

As a career path with a high demand rate, the communication technician market is likely to grow massively by 21%  in the long run, according to reports.

Your job as a communication technician is to make transfer of information easy and efficient in any company you find yourself in.

This revolves around making internet accessible, making communication easy, and distributing signals to the required destinations.

The skill of a communication technician is needed in all industries as far as communication is concerned.

This makes it to have an enticing salary structure of $22.82 per hour, with an average salary of $47,295 per year, according to reports, United states.

As an experienced based field, you will need an associate’s degree in telecommunications/technology from an accredited varsity or an equivalent experience program.

However, technology is advancing continuously, so you will always be up to date to gain relevance in this career path.

6. Instrument technician

Just like me, if you love repairing devices or equipment, this career path is best for you.

As an instrument technician, you might be trained in the particular company you use to work in, but you must have work experience.

From reports, we have no formal education requirement for this career path, so any lover of technology could fit in.

Also, you may not necessary work for a company, you can be self employed too and enjoy your career path, with its growing prospects.

As a good career path, the salary structure is enticing, with an average salary of $31.97 per hour, in United states, and $13,313 overtime per year.

This career path is tasking when not self employed, so you need to learn new skills, and easy ways to fix appliances.

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7. Electronics technician

Repairs and installations of electronics is on a high side, and if you’re good with electronics, then Electronics technician may be the perfect choice for you.

As the production electronics is on a high chart pattern, there is always the high demand for electronics technicians who can give solution when needed.

The salary structure for this career path is encouraging, with a salary of $24.61 per hour, and $7,125  per year, in United states.

No big requirement is needed for this path, but working experience must be guaranteed.

If you have a degree to back your experience up, you are a step ahead of your equals.

8. Industrial engineer

As an Industrial engineer, you have the opportunity to work in manufacturing, research and production firms.

You assist in the production or research operations in the frim.

The opportunities in this career path is much, and you may be lucky to find yourself in renowned manufacturing firms like Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft.

Industrial Engineers have a salary structure of $92,660 per year, with an overtime of $7721 per month.

9. Metallurgical engineer

Metallurgical engineering is sensitive career path with a high requirement level for workers.

If you are qualified by gained decree and work experience, you can work as a Metallurgical engineer.

Making the most out of metals require high working skills, and people who work here are paid well.
As a growing field with room for growth and specialization, this career path has so many prospects.

In United states, the salary structure for Metallurgical engineer is between the range of  $17,840 to $467,815.

10. Mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineering is not far from working with machines, and it is a renowned profession in the world today.

Apart from building machines and devices, Mechanical engineers also repair and maintain several machines.

On average, the salary of a Mechanical engineer is about $100,000 per year, making it one of the best pay jobs in world today.

If you have a degree on mechanical engineering, you have more opportunities than someone without a degree.

However, the career path is open to degree and non-degree holders.

11. Aeronautical engineer

To be a successful Aeronautical engineer, you need high level of skill and experience.

This means you have to familiar with planes and their working principles.

Aeronautical engineers repairs and maintains aeronautics , and are paid hugely for the job.

This career as said earlier requires a degree in engineering, and a qualified personnel must take an exam to confirm proficiency.

Air travel is common, and this career path is a sensitive one as it relates with lives of people, therefore you need to be qualified and frequently update your skills.

On an average, the salary for a aeronautical engineer is $100,769 per year in United States.

12. Avionics engineer

Still relating to the previous career path, Avionics engineering is concerned with the design, building, and testing of aircraft navigation and control systems.

This career path is a growing and booming one, and professionals have good pay.

To get a job in this career path, you need a degree in engineering or any related field, with working experience.

You will need to work under pressure at some point and you need to love team work to be successful in this career.

On an average, in US, the salary for an avionics engineer is $120,000 per year.

13. Robotics engineer

Technology is still on a rising trend with automation becoming the trend. This makes this career path a high demand one with a good salary structure.

A robotics engineer designs, creates, and operates robots to carry out several activities in any firm.

This career path is very broad and there are many job opportunities available.

On the average, the salary for Robotics Engineer is between the range of $70,000 to $120,000 per year, depending on experience, skills, and job specialization.

Your career journey in consumer electronics/appliances

If you wish to start any career in consumer electronics/appliances, you need to read through.
Beyond the good pay of this career path, you need to learn exhaustively to fully fit into any path of your choice.

This career path is versatile and you can either fit technically or otherwise.

If you are technically inclined, you can move into any technical path as mentioned above. If you are not, then you can choose the marketing sections.

As for any route you choose, your skill and experience is a great advantage.

With this, you need to acquaint yourself everyday with the rudiments of your chosen field and you need to meet up with the pressure and job changes.

All these will make you relevant in your field, and in essence, make you better than your competitors.

Is consumer electronics/appliances a good career path?

Consumer electronics/appliances is obviously a good career path as it is growing with a large job opportunity for the public.

Another reason is the salary structure of all the career paths mentioned above. This field gives you career choices with a reasonable salary structure.

As a growing field, we have not seen the best yet, so starting now is still an advantage.

Best paying jobs in consumer electronics/appliances?

There are many best paying jobs in consumer electronics/appliances but these 3 are the most popular;

  • Product specialist
  • Product engineer
  • Marketing manager.
  • Content writer
  • Content Editor
  • Copywriter

The above are not all on the list. You will therefore see the one that matches your skill or apprenticeship.

Benefits of working in consumer electronics/appliances industries?

Apart from job versatilities, we still have few benefits below;

  • Build experience: Any job in consumer electronics/appliances is growth proficient, and it increases the experience of workers. Some workers are pushed to become the best version of themselves as they scale through their jobs.
  • Good and steady income
  • Team growth: Working with different people will build your communication and team work skills. You gradually become an updated version of yourself. Finally, you earn financially and otherwise, working in this career path.


There are many goodies to expect when working in any path of consumer electronics/appliances industry.

This is also directly proportional to what the company expect from you.

However, you are to build yourself if you want to be relevant in this career path.



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