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How Many Jobs Are Available In Diversified Commercial Services [Answer]

Commercial Service is an industry that provides specific goods and services to consumers. Nonetheless, we often a lot see these companies branch out into new products, this is a diversified commercial service. In other words, Diversified Commercial Services are when a commercial service delivers something new that is different from its original service.

Generally, the Diversified Commercial Services industry is growing. This entails that there are more job opportunities accessible now than there were in the past. In addition, there will be more job opportunities in the future because it is expected that the sector will continue to grow.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Diversified Commercial Services

With the dynamic nature of the diversified commercial services sector, there is no given number to how many jobs are available in diversified commercial services. Nonetheless, we can evaluate the industries that make up this sector to get an adequate understanding of job prospects in each industry.

The diversified commercial services sector comprises of several industries which include: financial services, marketing, business consulting, public relations, event planning, information technology, human resources, and advertising.

The number of job opportunities available in each of these industries will differ from the other, depending on the particular industry and the location. Regardless, there are a few things one has to consider and look into to get an adequate insight into job prospects in the diversified commercial services sector.

Best Paying Jobs In Diversified Commercial Services

Here are ten of the best-paying jobs in diversified commercial services;


They are very important because they make sure people live healthily. Physicians make sure that their patients get back to health with proper diagnosis and prescription.

There are approximately two hundred thousand (200,000) physicians in the United States. This gives you an idea of how many Physicians are in demand. They play a vital role in the health sector and earn an average annual salary of $142,000 per year.

Corporate Accounting Manager

Due to the in and out movement of money in the diversified commercial services sector, there is a need for a corporate account. A Corporate Accountant Manager oversees a team of accountants and communicates with the bosses upstairs about their finances.

As managers, they have to be good at delegating responsibility and directing their team through busy times, particularly during tax season. They earn an average annual salary of $102,000 per year.

Director of Distribution

The Director of Distribution is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that products get from their origin, such as a factory, to the shipping companies, depots, or warehouses, and then, to the customers. These products require the keen eyes of the director of distribution to oversee the distribution. They earn an average annual salary of $124,000 per year.

Research And Development Scientist

When most companies choose to diversify their commercial services, they first turn to a research and development scientist. Research and development scientists use their knowledge and skills to develop new products and enhance current ones.

Before a company in the diversified commercial services sector expands into a new field, it must first acquire data on its new goods or service by carrying out a series of data analyses, and experiments, and providing valid evidence on what is possible for the new product. They earn an average annual salary of $87,000 per year.

Project Manager

There are lots of projects one embarks on in diversified commercial services. Project managers are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that these projects are completed. They oversee the activities of their staff and they assist and make adjustments when necessary.

Project managers have a good relationship with people and organizations. This is a good job for anyone enthusiastic about leadership positions, project management is a great step into upper management. They earn an average salary of $96,000 per year.

Corporate Lawyer

When a company diversifies into a new product or industry, it comes with so much legal work. Diversified commercial services need to have a crack team of corporate lawyers to navigate the bureaucracy like regulations, competitor buyouts, etc.

This is a really good position for those who like diving deep into the depths of business law. A corporate lawyer’s responsibilities can vary from acting as an attorney on business decisions to standing in place of the company during mergers, government hearings, or acquisitions. They earn an average annual salary of $133,000 per year.

Business Consultant

Companies that want to diversify into another field may need guidance and counseling on what to do and the best route to take. This is why business consultants are so common in diversified commercial services.

Business Consultants provide a range of assistance, from being specialized in a certain field, to having a tremendous general overview knowledge of the industry. The type of consultant you want to be dependent on the company’s interests and your skill set. They earn an average annual salary of $94,000 per year.

Marketing Manager

A company entering a new commercial service will require a Marketing Manager to help educate consumers and prevent confusion that may spike up. Marketing managers walk a line between rationality and creativity.

They try to come up with a fascinating campaign while making sure they are making the right steps. And as such, marketing managers work with a lot of data, particularly from focus groups, and assign roles to their staff adequately and efficiently. They earn an average annual salary of $107,000 per year.


They are also known as eye doctors. Their technique is identical to that of physicians. They examine the eyes for any wounds or diseases. If there so happens to be any issue with the eyes related to vision, they will prescribe the right medicine or the right glasses as well for patients.

This field is as well related to diversified commercial services as they provide medical services to staff working in a company. A company can as well inculcate it into their program. They earn an average annual salary of $110,000 per year.

Data Scientist

A data scientist obtains and analyzes data that is to be used by companies or clients for business decisions. In diversified commercial services, it is the duty of the data scientist to know whether diversification will work or if it’s a good idea.

Data scientists implement their knowledge of numbers, problem-solving, pattern recognition, coding, and general knowledge of computers to carry out their duties. The most valuable skill for a data scientist to possess is the ability to effectively gather and communicate data. They earn an average annual salary of $102,000 per year.

Entry Level Jobs In Diversified Commercial Services

There are a lot of entry-level positions in diversified commercial services that one can choose from. And many of these positions do not demand college degrees, and there are lots of companies that offer on-the-job training where your experience and expertise matter more.

Here are 10 entry-level jobs available in diversified commercial services:

Consumer Service Representative

Customer Service Representatives assist customers with questions and complaints, they give customers information concerning products and services, process returns, and take orders. By helping customers have a better understanding of the product and answering questions about their reservations, they sometimes play the role of sales. They earn an average annual salary of $45,000.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistants provide aid to managers, office visitors, and other employees by handling different tasks to ensure that all communication and dealings between the organization and others are favorable and productive. An Administrative Assistant may also be referred to as an administrative coordinator or administrative specialist. They earn an average annual salary of $42,000.

Insurance Agent

An insurance agent is a sales clerk who sells insurance policies depending on their customers’ requirements. These agents promote diverse policies they sell by developing systems and strategies. After analyzing the needs of an individual or business, the insurance agents now propose insurance plans for them to choose from and help them make good decisions as well. They earn an average annual salary of $55,000.

Event Planner

An Event Planner ensures all things related to an event are taken care of, from preparations, idea conception, and logistics. They are charged with the responsibility of creating experiences, recreating dream events, and bringing visions to life, an event planner is proficient in juggling multiple tasks. They can work independently or for an event planning company, and they can earn up to $4,000 monthly.

Technical Writer

Technical writers often create diagrams, graphs, or tables to show users how a product works. Technical writers are also called technical communicators. They prepare instruction manuals, guidebooks, journal articles, and other service aid documents to convey technical and complex information more easily. They earn an average annual salary of $69,000.

Finance Analyst

Financial Analysts guide individuals and businesses in decisions about expanding money to gain profit. They analyze the performance of bonds, stocks, and other types of investments. Financial analysts can work in banks, insurance companies, pension companies, and other businesses. They earn an average annual salary of $83,000.

Sales Representative

Sales representatives sell a company’s products by recognizing leads, educating outlooks on products through calls, presentations, and training, and providing existing customers with outstanding support. Sales representatives can be divided into two; outside or inside sales representatives. Outside sales representatives sell products through face-to-face meetings, while Inside sales representatives sell products online and over the phone. Sales representatives extend to almost every industry.  They earn an average annual salary of $73,000.


Musicians can be found in numerous commercial services. They perform live music at events, or they can work in advertisement production for TV and Radio stations. A Musician has to be talented and specially trained, and as long as you have, those qualities can make a living off the field you love. A musician can make $35,000 to $57,000 depending on how often they perform.

Phone Representative

A lot of sales happen over the phone, as such a sales representative is an isolated sales position. So for those looking into a line of work where they won’t have direct contact with clients or companies, then a position as a phone representative is a desirable one. There are certain consumer service skills and qualities a salesperson such as a phone representative must have such as good communication skills, patience, and vast knowledge of the goods and services they are marketing. They earn an average annual salary of $43,000.


In diversified commercial services, you can find all types of drivers such as truck drivers and delivery drivers. These jobs are a great opportunity, particularly for anyone who has at least a high school diploma or General Education Development (GED), and already has or is willing to get a Commercial Driver’s License(CDL).


We see from this article that jobs in diversified commercial services are numerous depending on which sector you look into.

The diversified commercial services sector also have jobs of all kind, if you are a lone worker, you like working with a team, or you are looking for a job with specific educational requirements.

You are left with so many options to choose from if you are about to venture into this field of work or you are looking into a change of job.


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