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Easy Ways To Immigrate To Canada

Canada is one of the top destination countries for settlement, study and business for foreign nationals due its very receptive nature, diversity and serenity.  Also, Canada has several companies with several vacant positions for employment.

Canada houses a large number of foreign nationals and still have their doors open to more immigrants yearly. It’s interesting to take note that the North American country is taking in around a million more immigrants.


In Canada the number of opportunities is huge both for local and foreign nationals especially for those looking to immigrate permanently. There are several ways to achieve the dream of a Canadian permanent resident. You can immigrate as a skilled Worker (Temporary Foreign Worker Program) then put in for Canada PR via Express Entry Programs which includes Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class or Federal Skilled Trades. Other immigrating options are the Provincial Nominee Programs providing different paths for immigrants seeking to settle in Canada.

Business owners have various options to settle as investors either by investing or acquiring a business in Canada.

Studying in Canada can be said to be one of the easiest ways to immigrate to the country and a substantial opportunity to widen your horizon, expertise and professional experience. Canada steadily offers support for international students throughout their academic year and even afterward.

Intending immigrants who have family members legally residing in Canada can also immigrate with sponsorship using the family reunification via the family class sponsorship program.


Just like many other countries, immigrating to Canada is hassle free but with the right process and documentations, it is almost a 100 percent possibility. There several pathways to immigrate to Canada and these pathways have their different processes and requirements. Find out which pathway you are best qualified for and begin your application.

Below, we will briefly talk about some of these pathways to immigrate to Canada.

Provincial Nominee Program: This program is basically for workers who are educated, skilled and have relevant work experience that would be beneficial to the economy and labour market of the territory or province in Canada which the applicant intends to apply to. See link below for more info

Start Up Visa Program: The start up visa program is for immigrants who are entrepreneurs. Canadian organizations are connected with these entrepreneurs who have potential ideas that can birth great innovations and invest in them.

These organizations are referred to as designated organization. With the support of the designated organizations, entrepreneurs can apply for Canada PR. Read more via this link


Express Entry Program: Under the express entry program are Canadian experience class, Federal skilled workers program and Federal skilled traders program. Each of these programs have their application process and eligibility criteria.

Get more information on eligibility status, score, required documents, and application process by clicking this link

Family Sponsorship: Relatives who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents in Canada can sponsor their husband or wife, partner, dependent children including adopted children, and other eligible relatives.


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