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How To Apply For Canada Study Visa

Canada is obviously one of the most desired countries by foreign nationals to either study and settle in. Canada own world class institutions that offer quality and substantial education in conducive environment.

As an international student who has completed the process of securing an admission with any of Canada’s institutions, your next immediate step is applying for a study permit also known as Canada student visa. This permit would allow you entry into Canada to study and work too. Primary family (Spouse and dependent children) can apply as well. Spouse may work in Canada with an open work permit and the dependent children may be granted study permit to school in either elementary or high school.

It is highly encouraged that international student who intends to study in Canada, begin their application process early as it takes about 6 months to get an offer or acceptance from an institution in Canada and about 4 months to get the Canadian government to approve their study permit.


  • You must have an offer or letter of acceptance from an institution in Canada
  • Show sufficient proof of funds to cater for all expenses throughout your stay in Canada
  • You must be a law abiding citizen with no criminal record and acquire a police certificate to back it up
  • You must be medically fit (Medical examination results to back it up)
  • Show proof to an office that you will return to you home country upon the expiration of your Canada study permit. 

Documents Required To Apply for Canada student visa.

  • Passport Photo of Student Visa Applicant
  • Proof of English Language proficiency
  • Letter of offer or Acceptance
  • Degree certificate and Academic Transcripts
  • International Passport
  • Proof of Funds
  • Medical Examination results
  • Partly or fully paid Tuition
  • Study Plan

How To Apply For Student Visa In Canada

The first step is to decide if you fit the bill for a student visa in Canada. The official online portal ought to be utilized for this. This will enable you to decide if you are qualified for a study visa or permit.

How do you know your eligibility? The following conditions suggest that you needn’t bother with a student visa to enter Canada. In the event that you fit into one of these classes, you will be given a visa to enter the country without applying:

  • A student visa isn’t needed in the event that you enroll in a study program with a duration of not up to months.
  • You don’t have to get a study permit in the event that you are a person from a foreign delegate’s family or staff.
  • Moreover, as indicated by the Visiting Forces Act, people from foreign military are excluded from having a student visa.

Remember that your student visa doesn’t work like a normal visa. You can apply for a standard visa to get every single benefit.

Apply For Admission To A Canadian University

All applications for Canada study permit are to be completed and submitted online unless exempted in special cases like disability who are allowed to apply on paper.

Make sure to have all that will be needed for the application like a camera or scanners for soft copies of you documents and a valid acceptable debit or credit card.

Study the guides;

Find out the fees to be paid; Visa fee, Biometrics fee and in some cases, Medical examination fee, Police certificate, English test, extra services if you’d be needing and using one

Create an account; Once you are certain all documents are collated and in place, move on to create an account on the IRCC portal. If you are using the IRCC Portal for the first time, you will be required to enter your email where a code will be sent to you to enable you complete the sign up for your account.

Complete the form, upload all documents and submit online

After carefully filling out the form, you can check the list of the documents to upload here

This includes supporting documents for your Canada study permit application.

Make Payment

You can proceed to make payments with either credit cards and prepaid cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and UnionPay


At the completion and submission of your application, you are to book an appointment for your biometrics immediately. Application will be assessed to make sure all required documents were uploaded and submitted. In a case where any document is missing in the application, it will be regarded as an incomplete application and returned without processing.

However, you me be requested to upload the missing documents, go for a physical interview with Canadian officials in your home country or asked to send more information.

Once application is fully completed and processed, student may or may not be granted the study permit. If approved, your study permit will either be mailed to you or given at the port of entry upon arrival at Canada.

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