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Top 9 USA Immigrant Jobs

Based on a recent report by Indeed, the number of jobs immigrants occupy in the U.S. as a whole is quite a large number especially in Texas.

Among the top job positions immigrants are engaged in are in the field of medical sciences, software engineers, computer sciences, drivers etc.

New businesses are birthed in the USA almost daily which provides several job opportunities both skilled and unskilled that only the U.S. citizens cannot occupy.

Asides from getting a job as an immigrant while in the USA, you can also apply from your home country. Though this step can be quite difficult for immigrants to navigate getting a job in the USA. Hence, to successfully get a gig, you have to be fully prepared by doing enough findings and research, know the requirements and trainings or certifications that would be required for the position you intend to apply for, build your resume strong such that it sells you to the intending employing in just one glance.

There are several job sites where you can start you job hunting like Indeed, glassdoor, monster, careerbuilder and many more.

Health Care Assistants

Some of the top jobs that are accessible to you as an immigrant are listed and briefly summarized below;

The Medical and life science industry in the USA is one that has been favorable to foreign national professionals for some reason which includes their experience in the medical field, English language proficiency, and cultural adoption and adaptation. Hence, the demand and the salary that comes with the job is quite fat.


Driving in the US is one of the most lucrative professions in the US. P ass your driving test, get a driver’s license and google maps to help navigate your routes well and you are good to go with a fat pay.
Another good thing about truck driving is that it is a profession that does not require a bachelor’s degree. Regardless of your educational background unlike the medical practitioners, there are several job opportunities available.


Though not an easy job but highly beneficial. The teaching job involves a lot of diligence, patience and tenacity towards work. Immigrants whose official language in their home country leverage on the advantage and teach English in the USA.

Sales – Business Development

This job may not require a bachelor’s degree as long as you are a good sales person. It can also be done freelance allowing you engage in multiple deals. Proffering solutions to business difficulties faced with business of your clients and giving positive feedbacks that leads to great development of the business you represent.

Software Engineers / Tech Jobs

Due to the swift growth in IT industry in the US, the demand for software engineers is on the rise. Luckily for these engineers they can take up a full time job and still get as many side gigs as they can handle to earn more income. This job is highly lucrative in the US and it involves designing, developing, evaluation and maintenance of software, applications etc.

Administrative Positions

Administrative jobs are easy to access for immigrants in the USA. Immigrants are highly proficient in this job role with official organizations taking up positions like tellers in the bank, book keeping, Secretary, and receptionists.


Security jobs is the commonest job for the new immigrants. With the high rate of insecurity faced in the USA these days with mass shootings, the demand for security personnel has increased by a 100 percent.

Before an immigrant can be fully employed as a security personnel, rigorous training will be undergone in handling of weapons and surveillance. with good pay in the USA.
Here is another profession that does not care about your educational background but a year certification. This job come with a really good pay.

Customer service

Handling pressure and still being efficient at your job is one of the qualities immigrants are known for. Hence, the customer service job is one of the favorable jobs immigrants can do in the USA.

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