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Canada Visa Application: 100% Working Guide

Canada is one of the world’s top destination countries for immigrants as its arms are widely opened to millions of immigrants through its various programs.

Foreign nationals, who are visiting, planning to study, or work in work Canada whose country is not exempted from acquiring the Canadian visa are required to apply for visa to gain entry into Canada.

Canada’s visa categories are divided into two; temporary visas and permanent visas.

Temporary Visas include tourist or visiting visa, business visa, student visa, temporary work visa etc.

Permanent Visas include family sponsorship program, Canada express entry programs: provincial nominee program, Canada experience class, federal skilled trades program, federal skilled program.

Canada’s visa process can be smooth provided you are fully equipped with all the necessary documents required for the application.

Apply For Canada Visa – 100% Working Guide

 Eligibility criteria to apply for Canada visa.

You can check your eligibility status for the type of visa you intend to apply for via the official Canadian immigration official website

On the website, detailed instruction on how to go about your visa application is listed there together with the documents required for each visa category. Also, a reference code will be generated for the applicant with which the visa application can commence. Kindly note that, you cannot begin the visa application process without tis reference code.

Create an account.

Canada visa application can either be done online or offline. However, whichever method of application you have been directed to use, you must have compiled all the necessary documents required for the application of the visa category selected. Please note that certain people are exempted from online application.

These group of people make their applications on paper. If you have been instructed to apply online, the first step to is to create an account online on the Canada immigration official website and upload all documents.

The online account created will also be used to make all payments as regards the application, know processing time and monitor the visa application status etc.

Pay the necessary fees.

Once you have confirmed all necessary application documents have been uploaded, processing fees based of the visa type selected needs to be made. This would be done via the account earlier created using any of the accepted types cards. To access the payment page, the complete document must have been uploaded and validated. If there is a missing document, application would be termed incomplete and applicant will not be redirected to the payment page. After applicant has successfully uploaded documents and made all necessary payments, then applicant can submit visa application.

All required payment amount for all visa categories can be found on the website.

Visa processing time.

Processing time for Canadian visas can be as early as 14 days and can extend up to 178 days depending on the visa category.

Applicant will be notified to come for biometrics and in some cases some applicants are invited for a physical interview with the Canadian immigration officer.

Processing time excludes period biometrics is taken and period of sending application to the visa application center

While waiting for your visa process, all questions and information as regards your application from the Canadian immigration officer will be via your account hence endeavor to often login and check your account so as to not miss out on any this information or questions. whatever questions the immigration officer has will be asked through your account. You will be notified if you need to appear physically at the Canadian embassy in your home country.

For online applicants, if your visa application comes back successful, you will have to take your passport to the Canadian embassy to enable them stamp your visa in it and send it back to you.


Before applying for applying for a Canadian visa, have an understandable purpose for your visit and it is important to acquire full knowledge of the visa category you intend to apply for. This preparation will aid you in collating the complete required documents easily and when called upon for an interview, you can articulately answer any question thrown.

From the time of your application till the time when a decision on your application has been reached, it is strongly advised to stick to your account by checking very frequently as every information as regarding your application will be sent there.

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