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Top 10 Best US Jobs For Immigrants 

It’s public announcements that the United States to foreigners is synonymous with the land of milk and honey to the Israelites, hence a large number of immigrants arrive in the country every year, in search of the brighter side life has to offer.

This entails finding a job that enables them to gain experience while also providing them with the very needed facilities to carve out a niche for themselves while assuming permanence.

Of course, knowing where to find a high-paying and steady job is as important as working in America and luckily there are many jobs that are highly favorable for immigrants at both entry-level and more professional professions. 

What jobs are available and favorable to a typical green immigrant in the US? This happens to be the most popular question and the short answer is that available jobs usually depend on the qualifications and work experience the applying immigrant possesses.

Top 10 Best US Jobs For Immigrants


All over the United States of America, farm labor is an essential job, it ma a powerhouse in its impact on the economy, and also essential for survival as it literally puts food on our tables and sustains the communities and the country in general, therefore, it is a famous labor market for immigrants and they make up 73 percent of the US agricultural farm workers. 

This is also a great path to maintain the temporary visa program and can promote opportunities for immigrant agricultural laborers to gain US  citizenship and protect their families while also ensuring the future of US agriculture and its effect on the economy. 


There is a wide range of hospitality services all over the United and food service workers are given jobs by bars, restaurants, and food service contractors with the inclusion of schools and hospitals, making the possibility for immigrants getting a job in this sector endless. 


The construction business has been a great source of employment for immigrants as they usually work in woodwork, masonry, painting, and carpet installations. It’s a field that attracts fresh immigrants as a means of sustainability. Landowners and construction employers have profited from the constant influx of immigrants into the US as they are usually multifaceted and knowledgeable on complementary areas thereby increasing productivity. 


Workers of STEM ( Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics) are currently a hot shot in the United States of America labor market and economy. It’s a factor that’s very crucial to the country’s creativity and growth, professionals in the field are the Powerhouse of the country’s cutting-edge innovations and that has a great positive impact on the common American household. It is also paramount to know that foreign-born and immigrant makes up a noteworthy proportion of the STEM populace in the US. 


For immigrants, the US is the perfect place to work as an architect and North America pays the highest salary to architects as opposed to other countries in the world. America is one of the best places to work as an architect because it’ll give opportunities to harness your architectural talents and enjoy what you love doing. 


In the year 2018, a sizable number of almost 2.6 million immigrants and 314,000 refugees were a part of the United States healthcare sector. The majority of the healthcare sectors were overrepresented by immigrants with 1.5 million immigrants working as registered nurses, physicians, and pharmacists. Despite immigrants totaling 17 percent of the United States workforce, they account for 28 percent of the US physicians, 24 percent of debating populations, and 38 percent of home caregivers. 


Who is behind the wheel? Immigrants are rapidly filling the vacuum left by American natives due to factors like aging which has caused a fatal shortage of personnel and has left the trucking business which is the backbone of the US economy, with trucks transporting 70 percent of all freight tonnage inside the country in jeopardy. In 2012, immigrants made up 13 percent of America’s population despite that they accounted for 15.7 percent of the United States trucking employment. With the majority in states like California 46.7 percent, New Jersey 40.4 percent, Florida 32.2 percent, and New York 25.7 percent of immigrant truckers. 


Having a great representation in food-related vocations, immigrants made up 17 percent of civilian-employed employees in America playing a vast role in food production as the United States food and supply chain also boasts of having almost 22 percent of immigrant workers. 2.1 million immigrants are situated in farming, collecting, processing, and providing food and services, playing a vital role in feeding the United States of America.

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