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Apply For Canadian Citizenship By Investment… And Other Means

Investing $1,200,000 CAD in Canada can earn you Canadian citizenship in Quebec easily. This option is only peculiar to people moving to Canada permanently. Hence, there are other options and different ways to get Canadian citizenship without investing. 

A peculiar fact about getting Canadian citizenship that one must be aware of is that it cannot be gotten remotely, the applicant must have been residing in the country for 3 years and would’ve blended in their domestic society and should be able to prove the ability to communicate in their language fluently.

Only then can they proceed to apply for their Canadian citizenship. 

While providing an alternative investment plan with more favorable conditions, we also keenly analyze applicant requirements. 

Applying For A Canadian Citizenship By Investment

It takes at least a 3-5 year duration and several stages to apply and obtain Canadian citizenship by investment. 

  1. You’d have to submit your complete documents to Quebec’s government. The applicant must show all the necessary documents that confirm their entrepreneurial or managerial abilities, proof of the required investment amount, and fulfillment of the other requirements. They would then tender the documents to the Comparative Registration and Evaluation Office in Montreal. If the investor meets all criteria and is within the quota assigned, they will be issued a special certificate and a temporary residence permit.
  2. The applicant must fulfill the investment conditions by transferring the specified amount in the term of the program agreement. 
  3. Applicants should apply at their local consulate or Canadian embassy. A fee of $15,235 CAD is required to be paid during the submission of necessary documents. An entry visa would be issued to the applicant if all requirements are met, this would be used to enter into Canada for a duration of 12 months. The applicants would also have a Canadian residency issued to them. 

Note: if at the end of 12 months, the applicant doesn’t move in with the entry visa, the applicant would have to resubmit all necessary documents. 

  1. Await official decision. For one to apply for Canadian citizenship, the applicant is expected to have resided in Canada for a duration of at least three years and must have spent at least 183 days a year in the country. An official decision on citizenship being granted by investment application is taking in a duration of one year. 

Once citizenship has been approved, the applicant is required to excel in an examination of knowledge of the language and history of Quebec, applicant must also go through a process of interview with the Quebec migration officials. Despite its importance, applicants over the age of 54 years aren’t required to take the test. 

Other Methods To Obtain Canadian Citizenship 

Asides from investing in the Canadian economy or starting a new business in Canada there are several other means to obtaining Canadian citizenship and they are as follows

  •  In a duration of 3 years create a family by marrying a woman of Canadian descent. 
  • By birth. being born in Canada automatically makes you a Canadian citizen despite your parents being citizens of another country. 
  • By origin. by the virtue of the fact that one or both of your parents are Canadian citizens. 
  • Family reunification. if you have a close relative or family members that are Canadian citizens. 
  • By being a cultural or sports figure who is ready to add value and contribute to the Canadian arts or sports fields. 
  • By naturalization. after having resided in the country for 6 years. 
  • Applicants that graduated from a Canadian university, have been working in Canada for a span of 3 years, and have found a job specialty with a work visa. 
  • Through special programs. For Doctors, Nannies, Educators, nurses, and agricultural workers willing to live in remote northern provinces in Canada.

Check eligibility for one of the Canadian immigration programs. 

What Are The Required Documents? 

These are the documents required to apply for Canadian Citizenship :

  • Carefully fill out an application form.
  • Copies of notarized and translated passports of all family members are included in the application. 
  • Auntenthic confirmation of kinship for family applications. 
  • Marriage and Birth certificates.
  • A clearance certificate from the police for all members of the family is included in the application. 
  • Proof of financial standing.
  • Certificate of real estate ownership, constituents documents, appraiser results, and bank statements.
  • Payment of duty receipts.
  • Photographs;
  • Proof of confirmation that you have invested the required amount in the Canadian economy. 

Note: all documents with foreign languages must be translated into English language and notarized. 

Benefits Of Obtaining Canadian Citizenship 

Considered one of the greatest countries to live and work with us unending benefits, Canada is the dream destination of immigrants looking for a better life, because of the benefits of its healthcare systems, democracy, established economy, standardized education, racial tolerance, and ethnic reputation. Immigrant in Canada from all over the world makes up one-fifth of the Canadian population. 

The following are the perks of obtaining Canadian citizenship;

  • Applicant can still keep their original citizenship as Canada recognizes dual citizenship.
  • Visa-free arrival to over 180 countries, including the top most powerful nations on earth.
  • Health insurance in advanced healthcare systems that’s free of charge. 
  • No tax policies on income and inheritance earned outside of Canada. 
  • Super low rate taxes.
  • Really attractive pension and benefits.
  • Unending possibilities to be able to conduct and own businesses focused on the northern American market.
  • High quality on the standard of living; Canada maintains a pretty high ranking among the best countries to live in. 

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Investing $1,200,000 CAD in Canada can earn you Canadian citizenship in Quebec easily. This option is only peculiar to people moving to Canada permanently....