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US Military Recruitment For Foreigners… Apply For US Army

Apply For US Army – Over 8,000 permanent residents and immigrants join the US Army every year, plenty of them knowing that it is a very sure path to obtaining United States of America citizenship.

The army of the United States is considered number one in the world and it’s always ready to accept new intakes which are mostly immigrants into their fold. 

Is A Non-Citizen Allowed To Join The US Army? 

The simple and obvious answer is Yes! A noncitizen can enlist in the United States of America’s military union. 

Enlisting in the military is a sure and easy path to obtaining US citizenship, although enlisting process to achieve citizenship takes the same process as obtaining a permanent residency. This is because the governmental bodies, the Department of homeland security, and the Department of Defense that are charged with the naturalization of citizens do not work together. 

Steps To Apply To The US Army As A Foreigner 

The baby step for applying to the US military is basically relocating to the States and in order to do that, interested candidates are to apply for a US immigration visa to enable them to relocate. 

There are many avenues and applications types to apply for an immigration visa in line with US immigration and travel laws;

Popularly Known As Green Card Visa, The Diversity Based Visa: This is a popular government-issued immigration lottery visa, for lucky foreigners. 

The special immigrant type visa: The special immigrant visa is a family immigration type based visa, a Family member 21 years of age and above who is a citizen or has a valid permanent residency. 

Employment-based immigration visa type: From the first of October to the thirtieth of September every fiscal year, approximately 140,000 employment-made visas are obtained by foreigners who are deemed qualified applicants under the provision of the US immigration law. Through this route interested applicants apply to the military by joining one of its many branches, one completely enlisting, they undergo training for service in a specific specialty and would basically do hands-on work. 

At the bringing of the military journey, you’d have to sign a form of for years active duty and another form for four years of inactive duty time, you have all the rights to decide on the extension of service and re-enlistment if you make up your mind to continue serving. Usually, enlisted military personnel are in the majority of the United States military workforce. 

Another method available is becoming a military officer, although officers fall under the minority numbers or the United States mutual workforce, it’s actually a title given to people who obtain a four-year college degree certificate and have undergone and completed an officer in the training program. They have the benefit of receiving a much higher salary than an enlisted military official and also have more benefits than the regular enlisted member. 

Looking at things from a bright side, joining the must not also be by becoming an officer, rather you can start from being an enlisted member. Then work your way up to becoming an officer, of course after attending and completing officer training. 

Also, getting a recruiter is a prerequisite, so as to choose which part to go between becoming an officer or an enlisted member. If one chooses to become an officer, it is the duty of a recruiter to explain the job descriptions your qualifications give you access to and if the decided-upon path is that of being an enlisted member, the recruiter would prompt the candidate to report to a Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS).

This is the link to the stations below;

What Are The Requirements To Join The US Military? 

If you meet all requirements for the MEPS, you’re required to do all these; 

  • Partake In The Armed Services Aptitude Battery ASVAB

This is a quieted multiple choice-based examination that gauges an applicant’s aptitude and it helps determine what career option would be well suited to the applicant. It’s made up of 10 different tests that range from mechanical comprehension, electronics information, numerical operations, and coding speed to word knowledge, paragraph comprehension, arithmetic reasoning, general science, mathematics knowledge, and auto and shop information.

Applying to take the ASVAB before enrolling puts one at a greater advantage in earning on each individual test, while also breaking down and yielding to merge scores in three different academic segments Mathematics, academic ability, and Verbal reasoning. 

  • Excel at Physical Test Evaluation 

This is the usual physical test or Medicare examination it holds a lot of similarities with our regular doctor’s test but it includes physical training tests as well as health examinations for example;

  • Hearing and Sight examination
  • Alcohol and Drug test 
  • Weight and Height measurement
  • Blood and Urine tests
  • Specialized tests are also required for example pregnancy tests in women, fat percentages in overweight people, and tests related to unusual medical history. 
  • Sitdown With A Counselor And Decide On a Suitable Career

Factors like ASVAB aptitude test score, recruit choice, physical test requirements, job availability, and needs for service, alongside the service enlistment counselor play a major role in deciding on a suitable career for the individual applying. 

It’s in the service counselor’s place to go through the term of the enlistment agreement. And you should know that it is very important and you’re at liberty to be really satisfied with the terms before accepting to bind yourself to the United States military. At this point you get your forints taken to run background checks on your past activities. 

  • Swearing Oath Of Enlistment  

 This is a final step to fully committing oneself completely to being a politically enlisted member of the United States military, this is done after a suitable career has been picked and one has rinsed oneself legally to the military at least for the duration of signed years. 

A few requirements before getting enlisted in the military are as follows;

  • Age: you must be at the very least 17 -35 years of age at the time of application. 
  • Must have obtained a high school diploma 
  • Must have no more than two dependents. 
  • Must have taken and completed the  Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).
  • Passed the Military Entrance Station Medical exam without doubt.

   Cheers !. 

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