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Best MBA Scholarships In USA For International Students

The MBA is the most sought-after study program and the USA has a vast number of universities offering MBA programs they’re all among the top best universities globally, making their academic prowess very much obvious.

Studying for an MBA in a United States high-ranking famous university would have a positive effect on a student’s career. 


Nonetheless, fulfilling the goals of obtaining an NBA in the US top universities can be a little daunting as regards the financial aspect of it, it costs thousands of US dollars to be able to attain an MBA. 

Fortunately, there are so many scholarship opportunities that one can count on that help make bagging an MBA in a US institution quite attainable. Oftentimes, these scholarships cover not just your tuition fee but other study-related expenses too. 

It’s best to always apply quite early to the top tertiary institution that usually offers scholarships as there’s always a high number of applicants, and getting the support of these scholarships is definitely the easiest path possible to attaining an MBA. 

Also, knowing the best of the best amongst top universities, and business institutions that offer scholarships is very important if you’re looking to bag a MBA.


Scholarships are usually fully or partly funded and sometimes, most of these scholarships offer an average allowance of $2,000 every month and also oversee the recipient’s living expenses, tuition fee, health insurance, and sometimes travel grant. It is important to note that these scholarship benefits are offered based on merit and it’s usually to students with high academic standing. 

In the list below you’ll find  famous top-ranked MBA and business institutions in the USA that offers scholarships; 

The University of Minnesota Fellowship; This is a fully funded merit-based university, it oversees scholarship that covers living expenses, tuition fee, Medicare insurance, and even travel grant allowances. 

Stanford University; This learning institution provides the Stanford Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program – at Stanford Business School. 

Harvard University; This is a fully funded scholarship by the Harvard Business School MBA, it offers scholarship opportunities to international students that are worth $100,000. 

Wharton School Of Business 

Columbia Business School; This institution offers scholarships that cover tuition fees and other expenses throughout the recipient’s school year. See the link below;


NYU Stern School of Business; Open to all international applicants from all kinds of nationalities, this institution offers the William R. Berkley fully funded international scholarship

McKinsey Award; The McKinsey Award is granted to only 4 applicants yearly after they’ve gone through and passed applications and interviews. It is open to international applicants of all nationalities.

Master’s Fellowship; This MBA scholarship is valued at  $5,000 to full coverage and it’s open to students of all nationalities. 

Hence a recipient’s study program can be completely fully funded under this scholarship, the goal of this is for the aim of diversity in the classroom. 

Sloan School of Management; This institution offers several scholarships which are awarded based on merit


General Requirements For Scholarships 

In order to qualify for the aforementioned scholarships, candidates must definitely have finished a first degree, bachelor’s, or equivalent. 

The documents that are mostly required to enable one to apply for all scholarships mentioned above are as follows;

  • Transcripts 
  • GMAT 
  • GRE
  • English Test (IELTS, TOEFL, CELPIP) 
  • Recommendation Letter: A referee of honorable social standing recommending and referencing the scholarship candidate)
  • A succinct and incisive essay from the applicant on the purpose of why the scholarship be granted to applicants over other applicants. 

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