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How to Get Your Canadian Study Visa: Working Tips

If you could study in Canada, would you accept the offer?

Before you rush to attack me, do you know you need to know what it entails before accepting any offer?


I know everybody wants to study overseas and would rush to say yes to the above question.

I deeply understand Canada is a very comfortable and friendly environment for International students.

But there is a catch!

How can you achieve your study Visa without rejections?


Here in this article, we will discuss what it takes to successfully get a Canadian study visa.

What to note before beginning registration for your Canadian Study Visa

Before you begin your Study Visa application, you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I want to study?: This will help you answer other questions below. You need to have a course in mind. You should choose the one with good job potential and one you could study without backing down later. The choice will determine your academic workload, tuition, and admission chances.
  • How will I fund my study?: This is very important because it’s not about gaining admission alone. How will you sponsor yourself financially? The funds for tuition are considerably high(about 7000 CAD per section), and you may not be able to do that alone. If you are not buoyant enough, then you can try scholarships. But the point is that you have to answer all these questions before initiating any immigration process.
  • What skill will I need to help myself as I study?: If you are to sponsor yourself in Canada, you have the privilege of working as an International student(above 20 hours for now). If you have a skill, maybe hairdressing/barbing or driving skills. You may not need to apply for menial jobs. You can be making cash from your home. The goal is to balance academic work and your well-being.
  • Is my International Passport ready?: You need to have this at hand before beginning any process. All immigration processes will require your passport.
  • Are my school documents ready?: Depending on your program, you will need all academic supporting documents like transcripts, certificates, letters of intent(showing why you want to study in Canada and why you chose the course of study), etc.
  • What will my proof of funds be like?: All immigration candidates will prove their financial capability regarding their stay in Canada. This is like a bank statement showing an amount that could fund your tuition and other expenses. You have to be careful when getting this document. It is a vital part of your registration. You don’t have to forge documents or get a sudden credit alert before submission. You can do that 3 months before applying for Visa.

So, if you answered all these questions truthfully and you wish to proceed, let’s dive into the next item!

How to Get Your Canadian Study Visa

Canadian students, source: Shutterstock

Canadian students, source: Shutterstock

Get admitted into any academic institution in Canada

You must not come to Canada through University admissions. Depending on your course, polytechnics and other institutions can also give a service. Make sure you have been admitted before proceeding to the next item.

Begin your Study Visa application

After gaining admission into any institution in Canada, you now have what it takes to begin your study visa application. Navigate to the IRCC website and proceed.

NOTE: The application fee is $150, and it is non-refundable.


In summary, the Study Visa application process is broken below:

  • Application.
  • Biometrics.
  • Medicals.
  • Submission of passport for stamping.
  • Congratulations on getting your study Visa!


If you missed our previous article on other ways to relocate to Canada, see here.

Congratulations to whoever follows this process sincerely.

You can reach out to us for mentorship and other inquiries via




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