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Scholarships In Canada For International Students

It is no longer news that Canada has some of the best universities and colleges in the world. However, the tuition to study in most of these universities are highly expensive making it financially difficult for international student.

Many of these universities are aware that there some foreign individuals who wish to study in their institution but are unable to due to the expensive tuition and other expenses like living expenses. Hence, they make provision for financial aids in forms of scholarships and grants.


These scholarships and grants are not only funded by the universities but also the Canadian government and well meaning individuals or groups in the society are also part of the funding. Almost a thousand scholarships and grants are accessible to international students. Not only will the scholarship cater for tuition but most of these scholarships also advance monthly allowance to awardees too.

Scholarships In Canada For International Students

Some scholarships available to international students are as listed below;

University of Toronto Scholarship


The University of Toronto located in Ontario and established in 1827 is the research institution that is publica. It is also the first higher institution in Canada. The scholarships offered at the U of T are fully funded at both graduate and undergraduate level available to both national and international students.

To apply for any of the scholarships in the university of Toronto in Canada, application must be done Online by all Students. National and international.  Visit the given below link for more details about application procedure an all scholarships details

See link for detailed information on scholarships in university of Toronto .

Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships

The Lester Pearson International Scholarship is fully funded by the Canadian government available to 37 international students from all over the world. In addition to tuition fee, this grant also covers study materials, health insurance and living expenses throughout the academic year. This scholarship is awarded to outstanding international students at undergraduate level.

For application process and other information see website link below.

The University of British Columbia Scholarship


UBC sets aside 30 million dollars yearly to scholarships, and financial aids in general for international undergraduate students all over the world who have attained of academic excellence.

The UBC scholarships are in two parts:

International Major Entrance Scholarship

IMES are granted to highly intelligent international undergraduate students. The scholarship is given to students in their first year of study and can be renewed for three more years of study.

Outstanding International Student Award

OIS is awarded based on merit just once. This scholarship is awarded to students who meet up to standard and criteria as at when they are offered admission to UBC. Students who are awarded this scholarship must not only be academically sound but also participate in activities outside the classroom.


Read more about this scholarship via the link below

Winnipeg President’s Scholarship for World Leaders

The Winnipeg Scholarship is an International reputable scholarship sponsored by Canadian Ministry of Education aimed at top international students all over the world for undergraduate, graduate and diploma programs. International Students who meet the requirements receive financial aid that caters for all expenses from the moment they get to Canada.

Visit the university of Winnipeg website for more information on this scholarship

Dalhousie University Scholarship

Dalhousie University Scholarship for international students is fully funded at graduate and Doctorate levels.  This scholarship is worth about 30,000 dollars covering monthly allowance, living expenses and more.

Dalhousie University also have several outside scholarships available to international students at entrance and in-programs level.

Click link to learn more about the value of these scholarships, application details and deadline.

University of Victoria Scholarship

The University of Victoria scholarship is one of the famous universities in Canada. Prospective international students intending to study abroad have several scholarships accessible to them at the university of Victoria, Canada. One of the most popular scholarships at UVic is the entrance scholarships and awards available to both national and international undergraduate students UVic grants more that 8 million dollars in scholarship and 4 million dollars in bursaries annually to students in need of financial aid.

To read about the entrance requirements and other information about this scholarship, see link below

Canada is one of the top study destinations for international students. Over six hundred thousand international students at all study levels goes to Canada to study yearly and almost two hundred of these international students are beneficiaries of these scholarships listed above and many others not on the list.


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