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How To Get Financial Aid For International Students in Canada

Each year, students from all over the world troops into Canada to study. Almost a hundred percent of these students work alongside their study and half of them are able to make it to remain in Canada after their study program to live and work.

In the past year, thousands of foreign students from India, Nigeria, Ghana, China, Vietnam and many more countries from around the world.


Asides the quality education that universities in Canada offers its students, one other great advantage is being able to change your study visa to permanent residency.

Below are the steps to starting you admission application process;

Choose a course and find a University: Choosing a course is as important as the visa stage hence you should ensure to choose a course you can defend and give a concise statement of purpose on. Keep in mind these factors when choosing your course; Level of education and work history.

Begin your Application: Start applying to schools in Canada once you have decided and chosen a course. It is encouraged to apply to more than one school to enable you have options. Start your application and submit early as there are high numbers of other international students applying as well yearly.


Documents usually needed for this application includes;

  • International passport
  • Academic records; high school diploma, degree results and transcripts,
  • recommendation letters,
  • Statement of purpose stating the reason for your intent to study in Canada,
  • English proficiency test results.
  • Depending on the university you are applying to in Canada documents required may vary.

Financial Aid and Scholarships:

Finances can be a hindrance to many international students as they would not only have their tuition to fund but also their living expenses throughout their study year. Hence students usually loose hope at the funding points but not to worry, several scholarship opportunities have been put in place in Canada for international students.

There is hardly any Canadian university that does offer financial aids in form of grants and scholarships. Be it internal or external scholarship. All you need do is search through for scholarships available to international students and apply to as many as possible.

These scholarships are either partially or fully funded. The fully funded scholarships cater alongside tuition fees, living expenses, study material, health plan and sometimes monthly allowance

We will list below a few universities in Canada that offer grants and scholarships to international students and the links to their official website;

University Of Saskatchewan Graduate Scholarships


Dalhousie University

University Of Toronto Lester B. Pearson Scholarship

University Of Waterloo Scholarships (Fully funded scholarships)


University Of Calgary International Entrance Scholarships

Canada student visa and study permit

After at least one of the many universities you applied have approved your application, an offer of admission or a letter of acceptance would be sent to you.

With this letter of acceptance or offer, you can begin immediately the application for your study permit or study visa.

To begin your study permit application, documents required includes;

 Offer letter or letter of acceptance from the university in Canada,

A valid international passport,

Proof of funds,

Statement of purpose stating the reason for your intent to study in Canada and also affirming that you would live and abide by the laws of the country throughout your stay in Canada as an international student.

Once you have completed the compilation of these documents, you can now proceed with beginning your Canada student visa application. Application can be either be done online or offline (paper application). via the official website of Canada immigration

However, some students of certain countries are exempted from applying for study permit. Find out the countries in this list using the above link

It is important to note that the offline application takes a longer time to process.

Using the website link below, find Canada embassy or VAC closest to you and other information needed for the application process


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