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Secret Reasons Why Study Visas’ Are Denied

As discussed earlier, getting your study visa is one of the fastest ways of relocating to Canada and other international countries.

Apart from being one of the easiest ways, the opportunities for international students are mind-blowing.


However, no matter the ease of relocation possessed by study visas, study Visas are frequently denied, according to reports.

If you didn’t read our previous article on ‘Canadian study Visa,’ check below for the link.

How to get your Canadian Study Visa.

Today, we will lay down a few reasons why study visas are denied.


Disclaimer: These reasons are not official and were not received from any site or Visa institutions. These are personal reasons that should guide our readers who wish to apply for their study visas.

Secret Reasons Why Study Visas’ Are Denied

Below are the reasons why your study visa was denied.

Poor proof of Funds

Proof of funds, source- Shutterstock
Proof of funds, source- Shutterstock

Depending on your school of choice, tuition and other things might be very expensive.

In Canada, tuition for International students ranges from 18kCAD to 20kCAD for masters students.

Undergraduates will pay more depending on the course.

With the above, some people may not have sufficient funds to use as proof of fund support documents.

Your proof of fund should:

  • Have at least your complete tuition: If you are not on a scholarship, you should have your tuition with you to be successful in your applications. Once you don’t have your tuition fees at hand, it is perceived that you can’t fund yourself in the country you wish to relocate to. This is common sense, and it doesn’t need to be debated. Mind you, apart from tuition, you still have rent and other expenses.
  • Have the required funds for like 3-4 months before application: This is a common mistake people make. Most people apply for study Visas, and when the registration requests proof of funds, they quickly transfer a high amount of money to their bank accounts. That is a red flag to immigration institutions, and your Visa will be denied. This is because you are suspected since the money came all of a sudden, either before or after the request.

Poor Study Plan

International students, source: Shutterstock
International students, source: Shutterstock

You will be asked to upload your study plan as your registration proceeds. This is just a brief and easy-to-understand letter about why you chose the institution, the course of study, and what you will do when your study finishes.

A study plan can make your study visa come through or get denied.

If you have a faulty study plan, it’s already a red flag. It means you don’t know what you are doing, so you just want to relocate(JAPA).

Your study plan should address the following:

  • Why you chose the course of study: If you are transitioning from an undergraduate program to a master’s program, you should state the reasons, and both programs must be related. You can’t study physics as your undergraduate and want to study agriculture in your master’s. Also, if you choose to study an undergraduate course even after studying same course in your country, you have to state why you still want to do so. Tip 101: “I wish to get more insight and exposure in this field since ——- has better facilities than the ones I used here.”
  • After studies, what next?: This is a simple but technical question. Seriously, this is one of the reasons visas are rejected. You fail this question because you don’t know what the visa administrators want to hear. Remember, most people study internationally for study purposes, hoping to go back to their countries to make it better. This is a better reason to state in your study plan. Never say: ”After studying, I will work, apply for my spouses, brothers, etc.” All these things show unseriousness and desperation to remain in the country. Even if we know you want to reside there, must you state it?

Fake Documents

You just have to be honest to get things easy for yourself. Faking visa documents can be dangerous. Some of the visa denials are linked to fake documents. If your records are not making sense, it makes people suspicious. One thing you don’t want to do is to stress people, so try to give genuine documents when requested to do so. Sometimes, you might be lucky to pass that stage, but another might conflict with the previous one.

Unreasonable records

It is better to say it as it happened than to lie when applying for a study visa. You will be required to give information about your years after school. It will be in years, like from 2020-2021, etc.


If you were not doing anything after school, you should state it. If you served, you better say it. If you were working, that’s nice, say it too!

Sometimes, we go ahead to say things that are not realistic.

Try to say things that are realistic whenever you reach this part. Don’t impress anyone!

NOTE: The visa staffs are so sensitive, and the reason you need to be honest is that consequent stages might require the records of the previous. So, if you lied previously, you might give a conflicting response or idea.


No matter how easy and fast study visas seem, many people still get rejected if they do things wrongly.

If you follow the above points successfully, you are a step close to getting your study visa.

I wish you good luck!

If you want to play smart, then remain smart!


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