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Car accident lawyer Baltimore

We live every day of our lives with the risk of getting hurt or injured during many activities, either from slipping and falling over a slippery surface, a car accident or any other domestic or occupational hazard.

And you often won’t pay any attention to the possibility of those things happening until you are involved in one. This might lead to you not being able to go to work and unable to pay for the bills as a result of the injury. 


Importance of contacting a Baltimore car accident lawyer

Baltimore car accident lawyers is an award-winning organisation that has over 120 years of integrated knowledge in representing cases of people who have been injured in Maryland. There are responsible for regaining millions of dollars for their clients. There specialise in helping those who have been hurt or have died in a car wreck get reliable legal assistance.

Most automobile accidents can be complicated, mainly with changing your insurance and damage laws, also with struggling with insurance companies for the guilty driver. If the driver was negligent while driving the car, then the driver is obligated to pay for the damages and medical bills. But you have to ensure, to you have a good lawyer.

When to get a Baltimore lawyer

It is always important to know when to get a lawyer after an accident. Nevertheless, the first thing to consider after an accident is to look for injuries and if hurt you should, first of all, seek medical help immediately. This would ensure that your rights are protected from insurance companies.

Therefore, you may be thinking of the best time to consult an attorney, the answer is immediately. It would be best for you to find a lawyer as soon as possible because the faster you get one the quicker your result.


It is also important to note that the time limit for filing a case in a car accident situation is three years.

Benefits of a Baltimore car accident lawyer

  • Fair compensation for your accident
  • Accurate calculation of all the money that should be compensated
  • A Baltimore lawyer would ensure that you get good medical services
  • Proper knowledge of all your rights
  • Free attorney services

How much is a car accident settlement worth

Most car hazard cases last about two days. Then the guilt party would settle the victim after the judge gives his verdict. The case is settled when the victim, the insurance company and the lawyer come to terms with how would be paid.

The amount required for settlement differs in various situations with the time required to heal. A situation that involves minor injuries would have lower settlement than ones that require surgical operation.

There are several ways car accidents are resolved, one of the ways is by the insurance companies. Where there investigate the trends of the judiciary. For instance, some judges may offer $200 a week for compensation, while another will give $600  weekly, another may not want it on a weekly bases and choose to pay $1000 per month for medical treatment.

Another way this can be done is by the multiplier method. For instance, if the medical bills amount to $2000, it would be multiplied by 2 or 3, which means you would be paid $6000 multiplied by 3.

What is the cost of hiring an attorney

The lawyer’s charge for his assistance in a car accident lawsuit differs from other law cases based on hourly charges. Here, lawyers get paid based on a contingency fee. The money paid to the attorney is from the final settlement or conclusion.

So basically, the lawyer doesn’t get based if he loses the case. Using the contingency plan does not require any money to be paid before the case. The contingency plan varies based on the case some laws may require 25-40 per cent of the settlement fee. The contingency plan is usually contained in a contract, so make sure you are fully aware of the contract that you are agreeing to.



Finally, it is important to note that the faster you get to a lawyer the sooner you would be compensated for your pain and suffering. For any other information, you need your lawyer would inform you you can also contact this number (410) 694-7291.


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