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How many jobs are available in capital goods

In the battle against unemployment, the capital goods industry has been the crucial fighting force against it, with its numerous jobs available.

This is one of the reasons people migrate to those places where jobs are available making it an urban area because it is popular for job creation.


In this article, you would be given all the information about capital goods and jobs available in capital goods.

What are capital goods

Capital goods are diverse products, that are used to produce other commodities for consumer use.

It can be defined as continual distinct goods, products with precise qualities in different forms of reliable goods used in manufacturing other goods and services.

It can also be said to be a unique form of economic goods and are substantial properties. This material includes raw materials and equipment.


How many jobs are available in capital goods

The capital goods industry is a well-developed industry with several job opportunities and is located majorly in the urban region.

The number of jobs available in capital goods is roughly 1 to 2 million, the labourers are about 150,000.

This means there are over a million job vacancies. The available jobs available include Utility systems,  Installers, Engineering, Marketing and advertising, Product Designers And Designers, Manufacturing, and Technology.

One of the requirements to get into a high-paying job is a bachelor’s degree in engineering with several years of experience. These high-paying jobs include; electrical engineer, industrial designer, mechanical engineer and many more are among the highest paid job in this sector. So the answer is yes there are numerous job opportunities in the capital goods sector.

Types of capital goods

Capital goods are material goods that are used to process consumer goods. There can be divided into two namely the steady asset such as building machinery, vehicle tools and equipment, which are used to develop businesses and factories. These capital goods include; steel, some chemicals like natural gas and mineral, automobile parts, and textile materials like nylon, cotton,  and wool. Electronic which include semiconductors and electronic components for consumers.

Best paying jobs in the capital in capital goods

The amount received in the capital good region depends solely on the year of experience, job title, and where you are located.

Manufacturing director

A manufacturing director is someone who organises all the activities in the production faculty. The job of their manufacturing director also includes employing new personnel arranging the time of production and ensuring that all production is done to perfection.


Finance Director

The director of finance’s duty is to supervise all financial activities and plan for the financial growth of the company.

Sales Engineer

The role of the sales engineer is to explain scientifically advanced products or services to potential customers. A sales engineer is a salesman that also applies to engineering.

Mechanical Engineer

A mechanical engineer is responsible for creating or designing machines such as refrigerators, air conditional turbines and steam engines.

Industrial designer

An industrial designer’s primary role is to develop ideas for manufacturing some products such as automobiles and home gadgets.

Training and Development Manager

The training and development manager is responsible for the training and development of company employees.

Research Methodology Manager

There are responsible for studying systematically various problems in the capital goods industry.


Supply Chain Manager

The supply chain manager is responsible for controlling the flow of goods and services from the business location to the consumer.

Project manager

The role of a project manager is to lead a team to achieve a certain objective with certain regulations.

Engineering Manager

An engineering manager has the combined skills of an effective manager and an engineer.

Software engineer

Software engineers are responsible for the testing, development, design and maintenance of system software.

Credit Controller

The role of the credit controller is to regulate the debt of the business. They manage all the money coming into the debit account and out of it.


Finally, the importance of the capital goods sector can not be overemphasised as its benefits are evident in this society, and the numerous jobs available in the sector, which is responsible for so much development we see today.

It is an industry that would always thrive even in poor economic times.


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