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Happy rolling car – What you should know

When you looking for a perfect outdoor experience you can always count on happy rolling cars. The Rolling car is an entertainment product developed independently by Guangzhou Easyfun Animation Technology Co. Ltd.

It is made so that the driver can move the “rolling cart” freely and flexibly, rotate in place, and roll forwards and backwards; the car provides a gyroscope balance system, which enables players to remain upside down while moving back and forth. 


It does not only provide the thrilling adventure of a roller coaster ride back car, with pilot training, and perfect listening ability and balance ability, it is a variety of experiences one of the players play to be given favour on newly.

Features of a happy rolling car

  • Double users rolling cars
  • Size is L1400*W1750*H1400mm
  • Weights about 250Kg and the maximum weight that can be carried by the machine are 300 kg
  • The power is 2 motor
  • With Chile Brand Lithium battery, 48V, 20Ah and it lasts for 5 hours, and the charging time is approximately 6 hours
  • It uses remote start with LED voice control music and intelligent voice music
  • Suitable places to be used are an amusement park, outdoor playground, beach, tourist attraction, indoor playground etc.
  • One year warranty

Advantages of a happy rolling car

1. Invention Patents & International Patents

2. Free-riding roller coaster

3. Pilot’s physical training appliances


4. Gyro-balanced inversion control

5.360 degree forward and backward tumbling

6. It is sold worldwide

What is Easyfun company about

Guangzhou Easyfun Animation Technology Co., Ltd is the manufacturer of 9D VR (9D virtual reality) simulators, outdoor playground rides, indoor arcade game machines and other numerous amusement park equipment.

EASY FUN was established in 2005 and is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou, which is the centre of China’s animation industry. There is the SGS audited supplier, and all of their products have a CE certificate.

Easyfun is a company that is focused on R&D, production, sales and marketing management. For the past 10 years, Easyfun had devoted itself to the most advanced technology in the world and created lots of well-known 9D VR simulator products and popular arcade game machines. based on the global market, Easyfun already shipped its products to more than 100 Countries.

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Now Easyfun has recently set up a branch company in Indonesia and Malaysia and also has traded and cooperation with USA Team, Australia Team and Korea Team. They aim to be a great internationalised company in the entertainment industry.

Products of Easyfun company

Easyfun company’s products can be divided into two namely outdoor and indoor products.

Outdoor rides

  • Plush Animal rides
  • Drifting cars
  • Bumper car with effect: Smoke bumper car, Bubble bumper car
  • 720-degree Rolling car, Walking robot, Prince moto and 360-degree Happy car
  • Electric bumper car: this includes Shoe Bumper car, Bear Bumper car, Caterpillar Bumper car, Mars chariots Bumper car, UFO Bumper car

Indoor products

  • Shooting game machine: The shooting games include hunting hero, Video shooting game machine, water shooting machine, ball shooting machine
  • Moto Racing Game Machine includes:GP Moto4, TT Moto, Attack Moto, Harley Motor, FF Motor, Lucky Motor, Kids Motor and so on
  • Kids swing rides
  • Music & Dancing Game Machine
  • Car Racing Game Machine which includes: Outrun, Initial D5, Initial D6, Hummer, Need For Speed, 3D Sonic and so on
  • Exercise/Sport game machine which includes: Basketball game machine, Air hockey table, dart machine, etc.
  • Crane / Gift / Vending Game Machine/ Toy
  • Lottery / Ticket Game Machine

Advantages of Easyfun company

1. There has profit plans to help customers gain more profit and assist them to make an entire strategy for the game city.

2. They provide case references and machine recommendations for customers.

3. The company has a complete set of site operation manuals, that can appoint operation and technical teams to help open the game centre, achieve a profit model and provide the latest profit plan in long term.

4. There have more than 10 years of experience in amusement park equipment R&D and manufacturing


5. There have a large number of spare parts local to solve any problem encountered.


What is the payment term of Easyfun?

The payment plan is a 30% deposit and a 70% balance before the item is delivered. After you have deposited 30% we will start production, after finishing production we will take photos and videos of the items purchased and every detail you want to see, and then you make payment of the 70% balance.

How will it take to receive the machine after the order?

If transported by air, it is about 5-7 days. If it moved by sea, all this depends on the country you are from and where your seaport is located, please ask check the sales. In some countries, there do door to door services.

Finally, the Easyfun company is trustworthy and should be your first stop for your happy rolling car and other outdoor and indoor machines.

All the best of luck 😉😉!






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